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in which the fem!reader takes part in various cute and fluffy scenarios involving themselves and bucky barnes (and some sebastian stan too).

[ trigger warnings are at the beginning of chapters. no translations accepted. ]

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started on august 21st, 2019.
completed on august 21st, 2023.

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- Last updated at 15:11 21-08-2023

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❛ SAY YOU'RE MINE, I'M YOURS FOR THE NIGHT ! ❜'◟ drabbles and one-shots extracted from my tumblr page//smut warning!!◝ ﹕⠀ ✦ .  ⁺ ﹙ᴋɪᴢᴏᴋᴇɴ﹚.  ⁺ ﹒﹠%
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Simon 'Ghost' Riley x female reader OneShots

Just some ghost oneshots 😚👍🏻

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дочь Короля Пиратов

У Роджера есть дочь . Перед смертью он попросил ее защитить брата и его мать . Сможет ли она сдержать обещание ?

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«The things we did, the things you hide, but for the record, it's between you and I.»

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The Cathedrals

Wonce upon a time in Earth's far away galaxy of Gnomes anse PIGs Capital for the Walls aroundthe cities - there lived a Toad. The Toad t'was a frog anse this meant a FROG as he could signgiant legal nots (NOTES) that could bring out captivity. In this case the captivity t'was aftera bombing mission that dwelt upon very ole' anse powerful cities Ninevah. Ninevah meantthe News on the Telly Witch of the Goat Messiah. Once the bombs fell the Hospitals filledup with 1700 men women and children. The stored Morphine ran out and the bandages.Then more Cities Ninevad t'were bombed of Troy powerful cities. These Cities had giantsteined glass Cathedrals of where the Morphine anse all Medical Supplies were stored. Thedesperate Hospitals wondered how to get through a burning City of Troy to the Cathedralsto empty out the Medical provisions now stored there. This takes place Year VII Year of OurLord and it is also called 700 BC on a Twin Earth to 700 BC Earth of Ole' King Sawlomon.

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Unbelievable...what just happened ...how the hell I made 75 years,where is all these years gone.

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