Bubble of Death (BNHA x OC)

Bubble of Death (BNHA x OC)

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Controlling almost the entire government from behind the scenes, Koko ran the most dangerous criminal empire in history before her untimely demise. But now, Koko finds herself inside a vast void of darkness where a mysterious being offers her a second chance at life.

In the world of MHA.

"I guess I'll have to start from ground zero."

Will Koko successfully rebuild her criminal empire?
Side Note/What to Expect:
Putting this here cause I know what it's like to feel like you've wasted your time. So, here are some things of note about this series to help aid your choice.

1. My girl is actually evil. One of the main reasons I made this series was because I got frustrated with the lack of true evil mc's among the fanfictions. As such, this series has a legit villainous villain MC. None of them are half-villain, vigilante, or on-the-line shenanigans.

2. I try my best to make longer, and legible, chapters. The earlier ones are on the shorter side but they increase in length.

3. Expect some slight AU. Nothing serious but sometimes the world is slightly constrictive when comparing it to how I want the story to progress.


This is posted on the web novel app as well
I (obviously) don't own My Hero Academia

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