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A story about Brody Mercer an eighteen year old homeless kid who meets a mysterious strict stranger and finds himself under his discipline.

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snippets of blindfolded summers, fragmented winters, mascara and lipstick stains, ladybugs on the railing, stale coffee, sugar cookies at midnights, birthday wishes, a polaroid of graduation year, dead sunflowers, shades of august, crushed suns tattooed around purple scars.would they come back?do you see them a hundred light years away?...|| caffeinated afterthoughts and lovers' vomit ||

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Born in 1907, Nakahara Chuya was one of the most gifted and colourful of Japan's early modern poets. A bohemian romantic, his death at the early age of thirty, coupled with the delicacy of his imagery, have led to him being compared to the greatest of French symbolist poets.Since the Second World War Nakahara's stature has risen, and his poetry is now ranked among the finest Japanese verse of the 20th century. Influenced by both Symbolism and Dada, he created lyrics renowned for their songlike eloquence, their personal imagery and their poignant charm.This selection of poems from throughout Nakahara's creative life includes collected and uncollected work and draws on recent scholarship to give a full account of this extraordinary figure.

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"Not the typical cliche teen fiction""You're hooked from the get go. Pretty much similar to when you can't stop eating till the last slice of pizza, or have the eagerness to pee, but can't because you're scared that if you stop reading you'll miss the intensity each word brings.""There isn't even a word good enough to describe this book. I'm speechless."-"Please Lexa?" Elle looks at me, "Just fill in my spot for ten minutes."At that moment I was calm, what could go wrong with running a checkout isle for ten minutes? As it turns out, everything.--"Why are you checking me out?" His voice questions. Even his voice is the sexiest thing I've ever heard.Not to mention the broad shoulder, killer jawlined boy it came from. "I wasn't, I swear!" My cheeks blush ferociously. How the hell did he notice? In fact I'd always thought I was pretty stealthy.He just chuckles and looks at me, a rambling mess, "Yes you are.""Okay, alright, you know what-" I pause trying to pick up the pieces of my shattered dignity from the floor, "Maybe you shouldn't come in here like a fracking ambercrombie model and then on top of that blame a poor little innocent girl for looking-""I meant those. You're checking me out." He gestures to the items laying across the counter and the scanner in my hand.Oh shit. Let me just repeat that for a moment now.Oh shit.--Started: 12/27/15Ended: 10/24/18February 2019: #1 HUMOR--Warning: I cannot guarantee you will walk away from this book unaffected

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