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Bottom! Alastor one-shots!

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Well, my sanity finally broke. So I'm gonna write some bottom Alastor fan fics Bc I can't be the only one obsessed with it! There will be fluff and smut, most of these will probably be human oneshots Bc I love the human oneshots and stories way to much.

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Yup! To those who follow me know I love these series (Since I made an Angel Dust x M!Reader like half a year ago.) SO, I made this. Cause why NotStarted: 2/10/21Ended: ??/??/??Ships:Angel Dust x Reader (Gay bby)Alastor x Reader (Asexual bby)Husk x Reader (Tired bby)Vox x Reader (Gaming bby)Valentino x Reader (Sexual.. bby?)Lucifer x Reader (king bby)Blitzo x Reader (horse loving bby)Stolas x Reader (Birb bby) Fizzarolli x Reader (Jester bby)Verik Mayday x Reader (Popstar bby)Striker x Reader (Country bby)Top Rankings:#13 hazbin 2/22/21#22 helluva 2/22/21#29 stolas 2/22/21#57 blitzo 2/22/21#66 vox 2/22/21
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Cover by @bufufuhammyAngel finally got a relationship with Alastor. He loved being with the Deer Demon, teasing him with sex jokes and spending his time with him.But one day Charlie's father: the king of Hell, comes to visit his precious daughter at the Hotel, but he seems getting too much interested into Alastor....⚠️ WARNINGS ⚠️This book may contain smut, bad language, sexual jokes, a lot of BOTTOM Alastor (the world needs it so you're welcome), my broken English and Angel Dust.This is a fanfiction. I don't own anyone of the characters here, they belong to Vivziepop.I respect the canon project so please don't "yell" or use an inappropriate language in the comment section. We can talk without being rude.
To innocent for the world (an angel dust x alastor)

Angel was in his room when he heard running footsteps coming down the hallway, then his door swung open to reveal Charlie "angel we need you to come and..."_-----------------------------------Angel never thought that alastor was so innocent but when Charlie drags angel down stairs to have him teach alastor somethings angel might gain some feelings for the radio demon
obnoxious | ike eveland

── e.ike ffyou're so ridiculous, i can't believe i fell in love with youike was so done. how could he still stand this obnoxious self proclaimed female protagonist?. . . .luxiemstatus: hiatus©catconnoisseur 2022
The king's pet (Lucifer x Alastor)

(Discontinued) The story took when the first day Alastor went to hell. The moment when Alastor arrived in hell and discovered his power, he goes on the rampage at Pentagram city. He possessed raw power which was never before seen in a human soul and trampled powerful demons who've been in charge for centuries. He broadcasted this carnage on the radio for everyone to hear, and thus earned the nickname "Radio Demon". This caught the attention of the ruler of hell, and Lucifer grinned wickedly. He is bored and now he had found a new pet to tame.
Devil's Secret: An Alastor & Lucifer Tale

All Hotel Hazbin characters belong to VivziePop, (Vivienne Medrano)Cover Photo and Artwork by Fetonmaxxx alternate story of how the Radio Demon and Devil met, Lucifer coming upon a near dying Alastor and proceeds to make a deal in order to save the other's soul from returning to Limbo. Alastor accepts the terms of said Deal and agrees to be friends with Lucifer. Thing is the Devil is hiding who he truly is from the Radio Demon in hopes of experiencing what it's like to be as other mortal souls are.Warning: May Contain Mature Content, Possible Triggering Events, and Violent Scenes.Fanfic based on Roleplaying Events with the Help of DeathbyGooey! A Special Thanks!
Hazbin hotel & Helluva Boss x Overhaul Male Reader

I don't own Helluva Boss & Hazbin hotel its characters. All credit goes to Vivziepop and her amazing team. The same for Overhaul but he is MHA.I hope you enjoy it.The book is over until a new episode comes out. Just to let you know I write HH & HB the way that it is shown to us as well as how it is expressed is the shows and videos. The reason that I'm not making it like MHA is because the main setting is in Hell and I'm only putting Overhaul there with me changing is powers. Y/n = You name himA/n = Me or The ArthurAll the picture you'll see or video I don't own.You'll get the backstory of Y/n's life in the book.

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