Boston Blues - BLACKBIRD book 2

Boston Blues - BLACKBIRD book 2

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Category: Mystery
+18 - eps 6-11 - A unique city. A unique police team led by a unique woman. And an uptight fed set on a collision course.

On the second installment of the Blackbird Series, new cases push Brock and Gillian to work closer together, even in order to survive.

At the same time, Brock starts to slowly come to terms with his past, even though he will never fully overcome what happened. And forced to confront her father, Gillian comes to a crossroads that may cost her everything she hols dear.

A romantic drama set as a procedural, the Blackbird Series brings together the police work, the team dynamic and the personal life of the main characters in a fast-paced, multilevel-plotted narrative that makes it a page-turner.

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