Book 1: Blood Pact { Hawks X Reader }

Book 1: Blood Pact { Hawks X Reader }

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BNHA / MHA Hawks X Reader Fanfiction

-I love hawks so I couldn't stop my brain from thinking about him. Thus, this book is born hahaha-

You have issues controlling your quirk so the UA High School offered to help you with your quirk while offering you a teaching position. Everyone is so kind to help you out. For the most parts you were able to control your quirk, until you met the only and only -

Hawks, the winged hero.

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Symbiotes.Creatures from outer space looking for the best host compatibility to survive on earth. Or parasites, as (y/n) preferred to call them, much to her own symbiote's annoyance. Some years had gone with her and her companion unnoticed after escaping those labs. That was the idea. Stay low, under the radar, until we figure this out. But things don't always go as planned and soon she finds her identity discovered, labs trying to get their hands on her and the next thing she knows, she's transported into another... world?Found half-dead by the number one hero, taken to UA's care, everything must seem the best, except, how can one escape the past? One as troublesome as hers, that is.---------Eventual romance? yes, who? idk you gotta read to find out, someone, no one, everyone? who knows.Plot twists, slow-burn and yeah. On the side note, thank you all for the support!ONLY (Y/N), HER BACKSTORY, MY OC'S, AND THE FLOW OF EVENTS OUTSIDE OF CANNON ARE MINE. I DO NOT OWN BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA CHARACTERS OR VENOM/MARVEL CHARACTERS AND THEIR CANNON PLOTS / FLOW OF EVENTS.
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