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"Give us your son or your throne then we will let you go"

"You can take him.He is useless to me anyway"

A story where Jungkook's father, the King of Curreir Kingdom also known as the Kingdom of Angels, gives Jungkook to the King of Brient Kingdom also known as the Kingdom of Demons to save himself.

How will love bloom between these two people who are broken in their own way?

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Abhimaan : Tum Mile

After a tragic accident takes his brother and sister-in-law, Armaan Poddar is left to care for their baby, Samayra. His parents suggest he marry Abhira Sharma, a divorcee, to help raise her. They get married only for Samayra's sake. Will their shared love for the baby lead to love for each other?
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The Wolf Lord's Mate

"Understand, little mate," Nathaniel's lips curled into a smile, "That I intend to fuck you on every surface of this house. There will not be a single room that is not saturated with the scent of your pleasure."***When human seamstress Mira is offered a job by the handsome and mysterious Lord Nathaniel, she is too desperate for the money to say no, even if it means working amongst Wolves. Knowing how humans have been treated by Wolves in the past, Mira is prepared to keep her head down and stay out of the Lord's way, except Lord Nathaniel seems to have the opposite plan.Mira isn't prepared for the strange pull that keeps drawing her towards the Lord, or for his long and heated glances at her in the corridors, and Mira is left questioning why the Lord could be so interested in her.After all, she couldn't be his Fated Mate - right?The Wolf Lord's Mate is a slow-burn Human x Alpha romance with plenty of smutty scenes 😈All Cassidy Smoke books have an HEA ending. UPDATES every Friday on WattpadOr read ahead and get twice weekly updates on Patreon
The Boy Who Couldn't Grow Up

Alex is your typical 14 year old boy. What happens when his parents decide to change his fashion choice. Read to find out more!
These days |Benedict Bridgerton|

|~1~| Eden Walseworth has finally returned to London, ready for her long-awaited reintroduction to society. On the cusp of being labeled a spinster by the ton, she's reluctantly thrust into the season by her overbearing older brother and spiteful aunt. Just as her chances of avoiding a loveless marriage appear bleak, an unexpected request for help from an old family friend presents a glimmer of hope. Seizing the opportunity to lessen her matrimonial prospects, Eden agrees-only to discover that the family in need includes none other than Benedict Bridgerton, a man with whom she has no intention of being civil.All rights of characters go to Julia Quinn (apart from the Walseworths).
π‘π„ππ”π“π€π“πˆπŽππ’ ( π‚π‡π‘πˆπ’ π’π“π”π‘ππˆπŽπ‹πŽ )

❝ why are you laughing?we're literally fucked. ❞❝ it's just funny how youthought we wouldn't getcaught. ❞a three-time grammy winnerand a rising football star. theirpaths were never supposedto intertwine. especiallyconsidering the fact thatthe last time they were in thesame place at the same time,they didn't even make eyecontact.chris had always had a crushon america's sweetheart. whodidn't? lucky for chris though,his social media post from monthsprior came to haunt him in the bestway possible. an interview wherehe shamelessly talks about his crushgoes viral and odessa sees it. alessia, totally over her ex, decides to finally go for someone more her type, and slides into chris' dms. as their online banter turns into something more, they have to figure out how to handle each other, fame, and their own dreams. unfortunately,their reputations just complicate thingsa whole lot more.❝ big reputation, big reputationooh, you and me, we'd be a big conversation ❞STARTED 10 / 31 / 2023.CHRIS STURN X FEMOC

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Deshaun Braxton's name is rising amongst the ranks within his fraternity. At 30, he's the Regional Membership Coordinator in the history of his organization. Deshaun's fraternity aspirations have been fueled by his desire to be respected by his fraternity brothers. He's worked hard to protect his reputation and kept a positive image amongst his brotherhood - by keeping his hookups in the dark.Jason Charles is a 21 year old neophyte member in a different fraternity and he's unfazed by everything happening around him. His line brothers don't "know" him and he isn't sure if he actually wants them to. He's positive that they'll be repulse if they find out that they have a undercover gay men in their ranks. Jason is finding himself and desperately seeking to connect with someone who understands the desires and feelings that he has when it comes to men."Hiding In Plain Sight" tells the story what happens when these two different Gay fraternity men carrying their own demons come in contact with each other while staying in the same hotel for business...

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When The Rules Are Broken βœ”οΈ

It was a serendipitous encounter that brought them together, but can their relationship survive when the billionaire, James, comes under fire, which may cost Amelia her dreams. *****James Weston meets his match. Amelia Aslan is offered an opportunity that would give her the recognition she craves and prove her Turkish-tea-sipping parents wrong. It's every wordsmith's dream come true moment. Then it all goes helter-skelter when James decides to be part of that very plan. It was a perfect seduction. After knowing what it is like to be with him, she wants him even if it means going against the world. James Weston never thought he would see Amelia again after their unexpected run-in. One fine summer, she not only stole a kiss from him but his soul too. It threw his world into delicious chaos. He is not complaining, but a storm is brewing and it may put him on the wrong side of the law. Can the desire that burns between them triumph over whatever may come? -------------------- Accomplishments # Listed on 'Undiscovered Stories' (Wattpad's ambassador-managed profile) ## 3rd spot for romance category in Creative Chaos awards ### Listed on Wattpad's community curator list *This story is a stand-alone novel and has some steamy scenes* Β© 2019 AddieAft. All Rights Reserved. So don't try to steal or plagiarize!

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Being the adopted sibling of one big name in music industry isn't always the best thing to experience. Diana knows that she is only going to be the spotlight's shadow. Ariana will always win, anyways. But at her 20 years of age, Diana's one and only happiness is also taken by her celebrity sister. She falls broken too hard, cries too much, and lies too often. She wishes to tell Connor everything. But such an unfortunate that time is running out, and revelation has never been an option...

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Cloud Collaboration Tools Thane

Pridex Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd in Thane offers cutting-edge cloud collaboration tools designed to enhance business productivity. These tools enable seamless communication, document sharing, and real-time collaboration, ensuring teams can work together efficiently from any location. With features like secure file storage, project management, and integrated communication channels, Pridex Digital's cloud solutions empower businesses in Thane to stay connected and productive in today's fast-paced digital world.

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Reactions the series (ft. HTTYD)

Just the httyd cast casually reacting to their lives.(I own nothing okay, If I did this would all be animated somewhere in the interwebs)

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Dominating My alpha

Defying him and toying with him never felt so good, Making him want me more, and making him fall at my fingertips. There's a secret behind it all!

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Title: "Twisted Desires: A Symphony of Madness"In the heart of the dazzling city of Los Angeles, two young and privileged women, Ava and Lily, are inseparable in their pursuit of pleasure and adventure. The city's neon lights and dark underbelly provide the backdrop to their tumultuous journey. A chance encounter with a haunting song leads them to a hidden party that becomes a gateway to their descent into madness.Amidst the flashing lights and pulsating rhythms, they stumble upon a nightmarish sight - a severed head. This gruesome discovery triggers a chain of events that fractures their reality, unleashing their inner demons. As guilt and trauma take hold, their once-unbreakable bond begins to crumble.Haunted by the severed head, they embark on a twisted quest to make amends. In a chilling act of desperation, they reattach the head to the body of a prostitute, blurring the boundaries between life and death. This unholy creation becomes the focal point of their obsession, forming a love triangle that ignites a complex web of desires, possession, and control.The lyrics of the haunting song resonate through their chaotic minds, becoming a haunting refrain that underscores their spiral into madness. As they grapple with guilt, desire, and the sinister figure they've brought to life, their lives become a nightmarish symphony of twisted emotions. The city that once symbolized glamour now serves as a malevolent force, reflecting the darkness within them."Twisted Desires: A Symphony of Madness" is a psychological thriller that explores the thin line between pleasure and pain, desire and obsession. Ava and Lily's journey through the streets of LA takes them to the brink of their own sanity as they grapple with their irreversible choices, forever haunted by the dissonant melody of their actions.

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A Mastermind's Mind

They all script masterminds as psycho, personality-switching, despair-loving sickos. And it's true! ..Most of the time. But right now, it's their show, and they're planning to stay out of the norm.Kokichi Ouma still manages to throw an unexpected wrench in their plans, though.

21.3K 7 603

There's a lot to be said from taking time out, disconnecting from screens, phones, and the internet and marvelling and relaxing in nature :)

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The Great Wide Somewhere

I suppose it is true that this is a tale as old as time, told and retold, lived and relived. It is a tale of adventure and learning, as much as it is a tale of trust and love. Our heroine is a beauty in mind and spirit, and our hero a beast in demeanor and discipline. Together in a distant universe of the great wide somewhere, they become the unknowing leads in one of life's true love stories.

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