• BLUE! • Graphic Tutorials Vol. 2 •

• BLUE! • Graphic Tutorials Vol. 2 •

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Category: Non-Fiction
More graphic tutorials from a random potato (who still likes pink and names this book 'blue' for the sake of continuity) that she hopes you enjoy.

Started : 5th January 2021

Tutorials included :

- tips; thorough explanations for graphic designing
- more manipulation covers
- more vectors
- GIF banners
- illustrations / flat arts
- edits
- etc

Apps : ibisPaint X, GIF Maker

*Please read • PINK! • Graphic Tutorials Vol.1 • first for learning the basics of Wattpad graphic designing

• #1 in cover out of 13.1k stories (25th June 2021)
• #3 in tutorial out of 1.8k stories (26th January 2021)

B L U E !
Copyright 2021 by @naoella_

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