Blood Or Love (COMPLETED)

Blood Or Love (COMPLETED)

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Category: Romance
Lorenzo Giovanni, Italian Mafia king, and owner and CEO of Giovanni corp. He's the most feared person in the world of mafias. From a small age, he was taught to be strong and fearless. Grown up to be the Mafia leader after his father stepped down. His best part is that he never mixes his business life with his mafia life. Life goes smooth until, due to some unknown reasons, he was forced to get married to his childhood friend Anastasia, whom he dumped just after a week of them dating.

Anastasia Ivanov, spent her most of the life all alone because her parents would always be out. She didn't know what they did or went out for and never even got an answer when asked. Guards always surrounding her and deep down whirlwind of questions in her mind that she couldn't ask or get answers of. And out of the blue, after six years, Lorenzo Giovanni, comes to ask her hand for marriage.

What happens after she gets to know that he is the Mafia king? What happens when she gets to know that her family too is involved? And the biggest question, what was the reason of him coming to her for marriage?

Read the book Blood Or Love, to find out the answers of all these question and many more!

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