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Losing my mind with you | | Gojo x Reader

Y/n is a powerful Jujutsu sorcerer hiding from her abusive family and the rest of the jujutsu world. After she loses her fiancé and is at risk of being found by her power-hungry father, she is taken in by Jujutsu High where she has to work as a teacher in return for her safety. She spends a lot of time with Gojo Satoru. What she didn't expect was to start falling for him. Will she let herself fall for him or will she find it difficult to let go of her past?
Debut or Die [fan translation] P.1

(This is not machine translated!)A student preparing for the Civil Service examination for the 4th year suddenly found himself in an unfamiliar body from 3 years ago.As well as a status window displaying a threat in front of his eyes![Outbreak!] [Status Abnormality: 'Debut or Death' Occurs!] A diary about the transformation of the main character, who was suddenly challenged to be an idol even though he has never been in the industry before due to sudden threat of death.※Speciality: He used to take and sell idols' data.// This is a fan translation. Do not post this on social media. // All credits go to the author Baek Deok Su.
Erased || One Piece x Modern!Reader ✓

╰┈➤ 𝓞𝓷𝓮 𝓟𝓲𝓮𝓬𝓮 𝔁 𝓜𝓸𝓭𝓮𝓻𝓷!𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻---- "𝐃𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠!!"- In which a heavy one piece fan, ends up in the world they adored so much. What kind of ways will they contribute to the story? Find out! -WARNING: This book includes heavy spoilers, and I mean HEAVY. read at your own risk if you're not caught up in the anime. Also, a decent amount of cursing. (not overdone, but still.)(The original series, One Piece, does not belong to me. All rights belong to Eiichiro Oda. This is just for fun.)Start: July 1st 2023

လီးကိုအစိမ်းလိုက်လိုးထည့်လိုက်ပြီး နို့တွေကိုပယ်ပယ်နယ်နယ်ညှစ်ပစ်မှာအပြင်မှာလိုက်မလုပ်စေချင်ဘူး ငါကကံကောင်းလို့ ညီကိုတို့က ကံမကောင်းရင် ဒီနိုင်ငံရေးနဲ့ လည်အပြတ်ရှင်းခံနေရမယ်
Three Kisses ✔️

Without hesitation I crashed my lips to his. He was too surprised to kiss back at first, but he quickly recovered and snaked his arms around me. Now I was the one not responding due to shock.He didn't push me away? Just as the kiss was about to deepen, I pulled away from him and sprinted down the thankfully empty hallway.• • • • •Emma Burns and her two best friends have a tradition. Each year one girl takes a turn - the first person you bump into on the first day of school, you have to complete the three kisses with. Kiss #1 - No matter what, you kiss them then and there.Kiss #2 - Get them to kiss you.Kiss #3 - Tongue.COVER MADE BY @angelicapascoe check out her work she's amazing!!
Boot Camp

[Boot Camp is being adapted into a film by Wattpad WEBTOON Studios & Great Pacific Media, stay tuned for more updates.] It's the summer before college and for Whitney Carmichael, who often finds herself in the shadows of her athletic older sister, these next few months seem like her one chance to reinvent herself. With the trauma of gym class still fresh in her mind, the self-proclaimed "athletically challenged" Whitney enrolls in a five-week fitness boot camp. While the deadly workouts were expected, they're much worse in reality, but at least her alluring personal trainer, Axel, is determined to harness all of her hidden potential. It doesn't take long for Whitney to begin shedding some of her old thoughts and personality, until high school comes back to haunt her in the form her high school bully, Willow, and a group of catty teenage girls at camp who all have something out for her. With each week she battles her past demons and her deepening attraction to Axel, Whitney realizes this camp is the catalyst for many discoveries in her life - the most surprising of all being love.[Wattys 2015 Talk of the Town winner]
Her Coldhearted Husband

AAMIR SIKANDAR( age 29)He is a bussinessman who is known for his coldness, straightforwardness and ruthlessness in the bussiness world . what will happen when he marry a young innocent girl to protect her . PARISHAY KHAN ( age 18 )a young innocent girl , who hasnt faced the world . what happen when she has to live with a coldhearted stranger . -----------Aamir looked towards usama, and saw him on the flour .he was shot in the chest area .the shot which was meant for aamir . "Usama!" Aamir ran towards him and knelt down beside him . "Aa.. amir listen" usama stuttered "Usama, nothing will happen to you . Just keep your eyes open " aamir said while calling for help . Usama shooked his head ,"lis-ten ... my sis-ter .if some-thing ha..happens to me ....take care of her ."Aamir knew that usama had a sister , but no other relatives . "Give- her your name ..... she -wont be able ... to face the world al-one" usama said while holding aamir's hand . Aamir looked at him questioningly , he knew that usama's sister was young , but he didnt think she wont be able to face the world . " you - will understand , after meeting her" usama said and aamir promised to always be there for her .( Assalam ualaikum! Hope that you will like this story)
The untold story of the first wife

In ancient Times, we have heard about stories of kings who were in polygamous marriages. And certain movies have romanticised their life with second or last wife. But I feel they didn't exactly show the feelings and griefs of a first wife rather they were made villains. So I got a thought why don't I write a story by myself and write what I want to see and show that? So this is my first try in wattpad and tell me your views about the story.#1 in india#3 in Cheating#6 in heartbreak #8 in historicalfiction#7 in betrayal

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[勝デク | BakuDeku]: I hate him! (He is mine!)

Just Bakugou's thoughts, as they come.Just a normal week of training.Just Izuku, being himself.Just Uraraka, heartbroken. First person narrator POV. A three-way impression.~ Please, check the hashtags.

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The beginning(Errink)

2 freshmen's that are in love when they first seen each other but they have a love hate relationship.

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The One Forgotten

SAILOR MOON FANFICTION *AFTER GALAXIA'S WAR*"Once Upon a Time a long long time ago there was a war, between the dark side of the moon and the bright side of it. There once lived a queen, who had raised two daughters; Serenity and Mitsuki, the two loved each other and cherished each other's presence. Until Mitsuki started showing powers that were not considered part of the royal family. However, Serenity started resonating her power with the moon crystal and was loved by everyone. As they grew, Queen Serenity noticed that Mitsuki's powers were not helping the Royal Family and decided to hide her within the Royal Palace. Her father, Elliot who was supportive during her containment, decided to take her to the dark side of the moon and get help to teach her control her power. They grew apart and that's how the war begun. Nehelenia, who was Mitsuki's friend, knew that spot belonged to her argued with Mitsuki and ended in tragedy, ending Mitsuki's life and Metalia absorbing all of her power. Not being able to sustain such amount of power, she became a slave to the dark magic and that's how the war started, and ended in the destruction of Bright side of the moon kingdom perishing into an old folklore,"(Y/N) read out loud to the children in the hospital. "Excuse me, Did the twins ever get back together?" Interrupted one of the kids."Yeah, it seems unfair she died and she herself didn't get revenge." Another kid exclaimed. "Don't worry I'm positive they'll meet soon in the future. After all they're sisters and loved each other," (Y/N) replied with a sweet smile. "Plus not everything is about revenge, but reclaiming her name as Princess... I'm certain this story will end in a happy ending."I hope everyone who like Sailor Moon enjoys it!all credits go to their respective owners specially any Sailor Moon characters and most plot. I only own my own OC. THANKS

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⭐시알리스파는곳『OI0▶⑤926▶OO7O』비아그라구매◈️갈월센트립처방전없이구입❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#숭실대입구역마시는시알리스당일배송,#강남구약국용시알리스당일수령,#풍산동신기환복용법⭐시알리스파는곳『OI0▶⑤926▶OO7O』비아그라구매◈️동대문정품시알리스사는곳❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#회현역남성단련용품판매점,#상월곡아드레닌구입,#잠실동조루방지제품처방,#도림동센트립구입후기,#정왕본동뿌리는남자정력제퀵배송가격,#개롱역조루치료제판매처,#동작역필름형시알리스효능,#일동비닉스효능,#안양남자강직도영양제퀵배송,#용산구88정구매,#양천신기환처방,⭐시알리스파는곳『OI0▶⑤926▶OO7O』비아그라구매◈️무악동남자강직도영양제복용법❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#길음동발기부전용품가격,#잠실센포스효능,#송정동정력에좋은약100mg처방,#성산동정품비아그라퀵배송,#해남요힘빈구입,#하월곡남성정력제구매후기,#의성vinix복제약구입방법,#청량리동88정효과,#주교동비아그라필름,#휘경스페니쉬플라이퀵,#오금역조루치료제처방전없이구입,⭐시알리스파는곳OI0▶⑤926▶OO7O비아그라구매◈️봉화산역비아그라구매후기❤️★정품비아그라&시알리스★⭐#등촌킹통구입후기,#경기광명약국용비아그라구입후기,#천호동카마그라구입후기,#동선동정품비아그라효과,#위례남성정력제가격,#고덕액상형시알리스온라인약국,#강서정품시알리스파는곳,#창천남성정력제종류,#방화동캡슐비아그라가격,#옥천조루지연크림사는곳,#개포동비닉스처방전없이구입⭐시알리스파는곳OI0▶⑤926▶OO7O비아그라구매◈️a 발기부전 치료제 구매,비뇨기과 비아그

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Yandere Sim (& misc) X Reader [OLD]

A buncha fics and drabbles I've made. I write as cope so If I feel overwhelm then I'll likely not write.[DISCLAIMER]All characters belong to the creatersYou belong to, well, you

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The Young men's detective agency

Alex lived a tragic life and died.When he opened his eyes, he was back at his childhood. He retained all his memories and got a chance to live his life again. With the experience and knowledge from the previous life, Alex vowed to stop all the crimes and tragedies from his previous life before it occurred. He pledged to win the heart his love in this life. So, he became a detective who investigates crimes before it happens. By making small and large adjustments, Alex manipulates future and solves crimes.The preteen Alex has to investigate and stop crimes before it happens. He also has to do it while keeping himself hidden. He has an advantage that he knows the rough location and time of the crimes from his previous life. But it became a lot more difficult as his lover from the previous life started suspecting him and the villain he was chasing turned out to be someone whom he loved.

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True Creator

This is discontinued.Theres a remake version just go to my account.Dont read this pls, its very cringe and i dont like it.

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japiedole kolega mnie zmusił na pisanie czegoś

jezus co ja tu robie pomoc ogólnie bo miałem iść spanko ale kolega mówi ej napisz coś na wattpadzie ja jka mam takieo e j nije a on ma takie we we będzioe fajnie 2138=7 hehehe 69 no to ja takie kurła ja nie napisze i teraz pisze o tym jak pisze a nie chce m isie pisać o tak normalnie elo bencps okładka to jakiś randomowy pic z pulpitu najwidoczniej to nantsu no taizai znane tównież jako seven deadly sins znane również jako siedem grzechów głównych postać ma na imie Derieri i ma taki dziwny ryj w tej scenie robiący NANI więc elo beznc

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Moriarty The Patriot Scenarios

Boyfriend Scenarios for the characters of Moriarty the Patriot. FemaleReaderxCharactersRequests are closedI don't own Moriarty the Patriot or its characters. Started: March 8, 2021

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heart cage||poetry

There is no darker place than your own thoughts

1.2K 62 282