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After being viciously assaulted, Cecilia never expected to find herself in this situation.
Pregnant with the man's child.
Desperate not to let anyone find out about the attack, Cecilia seeks out a boy willing to pose as her boyfriend.
And the baby's father.

Mr. Perfect Attendance, Nathaniel King, becomes her target the minute she catches him smoking in the hallway.
The punishment if turned in would be suspension.
A blemish on his record and something he wants to avoid.
In exchange for Cecilia's silence, Nathaniel has to be her fake boyfriend.
But will he?
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A short story defining the stages of love. Inara Khan was petulant: stubborn, short-tempered, blunt, and a middle child. She had her life planned until she stumbled on a betrayal by one she had never considered a possibility from. Life threw a curve ball to her in name of Rahil Sohail, a smart man who wasn't all smart when it came to his emotions. He was famous for less words, more glares, and definitely a straightforwardness she appreciated. He was considered to be less from others, disrespected for what he didn't have until he stood for her respect. For, respect was all she wanted. ✷ ✷ ✷Rahil Sohail had worked his entire life towards reaching his destiny, unknown to the said destiny being a mischief maker and the daughter of the man he had came to know at his weakest. This marriage was supposed to be a promise, an arrangement to honor his father's best friend until his daughter became more. She was a storm, brewing and ready to rearrange his entire life. Not that he would want her to stop. Start date: 21/03/2024
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Một trạch nam Vương Nguyên.Một nghiện game mới chia tay bạn gái Vương Tuấn Khải.Loanh quanh luẩn quẩn, thế mà đụng phải nhau. --- Một câu chuyện tình đơn giản của hai chàng trai Vương Tuấn Khải và Vương Nguyên. Tình yêu mà, cần chi lắm bão táp phong ba. Chúng ta, có nhau là được.

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Symbiote spiderman what ifs and one shots

short stories about the symbiote and Peter Parker

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what happens when Minato and Kushina always forget about Naruto? what happens if both parent always taken care of Menma, Mina and Naru? Naruto gets beaten up by the villagers and his parents never believed him.orochimaru and danzo are good.

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soo..... I decided to make a story the gamer its going to be a crossover in the Naruto world but be warned it's my first one expect grammar errors and slow updates il try my best to desplay the powers that are going to be in the story tell me if the levels get to rediculous since I'm rewatching naruto from scratch and I'm just putting the levels as I see them fit for examples here is a little spoiler about future battles upcoming battles zabusa will be lvl 70 and orochimaru 120 because during the anime there were large gaps of power example when kakashi was facing orochimaru when sealing the cursed mark there was a devastating large gap between the two of them and I'm probably try and keep a few battle as cannon as possible like the one with sasuke and garra and I'm probably not going to create a team the character is going to be with team seven since there's going to be an odd one out as for love interest leave a comment down at the voting polls and I will see who the winner is anyways sorry if the description may seem a bit short but I'm gathering inspiration as I go along and anyways without further adue here's the description(Arata) was a 18 year old happy young man he had excellent grades a decent job and a loving family but all of that was soon cut short when he got shot while coming back from his job he then soon saw his life flashing before his eyes how he would miss his family how much he would miss watching his favorite shows naruto dragon Ball and natsu no taizai as his eyes slowly got heavier he found himself in a abyss......

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It may feel good to be pretty, but the problem with being beautiful is that there are thousands of people who look like you. Ugliness, however, is unique.-------------------One girl, a walking-talking example of contradictions -- ambitious but naive, kind but blunt, social but awkward -- is living in perhaps the most competitive society in this world. She has a dream, a fairly conventional and acceptable dream, one which every parent would approve of. Unfortunately, millions of others share this dream, and in order to fulfill hers, she has to eliminate her competition, literally.Throw in a fair share of drama. Friends and family, crushes and exes, decisions and choices, and the life story of an Indian teenager would be complete.----------------------The last few years of school are the most memorable; grades, stress and career mixed with friends, fun and dreams. But most of the time when we are planning our awesome candid picture-perfect life, we end up crossing the 'i's and dotting the 't's.------------------------------------COMPLETED ON JULY 14, 2018Featured in the teen fiction reading list of Wattpad India!Cover credits: @reluctantbibliophile

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Just a broken girl chasing a broken boy. With her best friend banished and the Firelord plotting her death for being a bastard child, Kaiya decides to abandon her father's nation and chase after her partner in crime to aid in his quest to find the Avatar. Little does she realize, her destiny turns out to be much more than she bargained for. After her run in with Aang in her mother's home nation Kaiya starts feeling strange. With her heritage discovered, and her bending abilities unlocked; Kaiya plays an important role for Team Avatar.One that makes her question her sanity, her drive, her upbringing, and her loyalty.Read to follow along on her journey!(Disclaimer: I do not own any of the ATLA characters or story; only the characters and concept I create. All artwork found within this story is NOT my own.)

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