Black Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective #2 (Watty Winner)

Black Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective #2 (Watty Winner)

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Category: Mystery
Season 2 of Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective

Six months after solving the Elle Carey case, Zandra finds life is much easier for her. Money and fame grant her the creature comforts and respect she sorely missed for years. But not all of the attention is welcome. When body parts start showing up in her mailbox, Zandra must race against time to find the sender, once again putting her psychic "powers" to the test.

The sequel to "Glass Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective" picks up right where its predecessor left off. Read that one first before jumping in here.

*** 2016 Wattys Award winner (HQ Love) ***

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