[BL] My enemy became my husband

[BL] My enemy became my husband

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Category: Mystery
I hated Bartholomew Virion with all my heart. He was the most frustrating person I ever saw and I just couldn't stand him. Fortunately it was very easy not running into him considering that he was a fictional character. Bartholomew was the main character of one of the most famous manhwas ever. He was a billionaire who had a terrible past. His whole family got murdered while he wasn't at home and he was looking for the killer ready to do anything it took to find him. He wasn't a good person and he didn't say he was. I loved villains usually but the way he behaved was irritating because no one ever got mad at him for some reason. He just kidnaped people and made them do whatever he wanted not apologizing once. That guy was a snake but for some reason when I opened my eyes in the hospital he seemed very worried about me. He wouldn't stop smiling at me and insists that we are engaged. What the hell is going on here?

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Sharon Adams is a sweet shy girl and reserved by nature, she is 16 years old and love her life she thinks she have a perfect life until she finds out that she have a stalker that watches her every time knows everything about her and he want to have her, his name is Ashton Brooks he is psycho he gets what he wants and he wants Sharon. he stalks her and kidnap her and force her to stay with him. Will Sharon find her way out??? or she have to stay with him ???© All Rights Reserved.
πˆππ•πˆπ’πˆππ‹π„ π’π“π‘πˆππ† | 𝐩. 𝐣𝐚𝐜𝐀𝐬𝐨𝐧

𝐈𝐍 π–π‡πˆπ‚π‡ no matter how hard she tries to resist, she ends up falling for the son of Poseidon.Percy Jackson x FEM!OC
Omega Who Wants To Steal Cubs Everyday

Title: ζ―ε€©ιƒ½ζƒ³ε·ε΄½ηš„OmegaAuthor: Yao Yao Yiyan (杳杳一言)Status: 52 Chapters + 4 Extra (Completed)Introduction:Lin Zhiyi, a wealthy and superior omega, has never been disdainful of marriage and family.When he learned that he had been with a Beta named Zhou Huaisheng and had a child, his first reaction was anger.However, when he saw the ordinary and poor beta carrying the pale child to the major hospital, he felt heartache for no reason. He stopped Zhou Huaisheng and asked him to give the child for him to raise but Zhou Huaisheng refused.After two amnesias, Lin Zhiyi only kept some fragmentary of the events a year ago.Even in the fragments, he could feel Zhou Huaisheng's love and obedience to him.Therefore, he decided to steal the cub for their own good!Every time he was caught by Zhou Huaisheng and took the baby back from Lin Zhiyi's arms, his eyes were helpless.But Lin Zhiyi continued to steal and reluctant to leave.He stayed on Zhou Huaisheng's bed and began to force him a marriage: "You marry me, I will give you my name."Zhou Huaisheng looked at Lin Zhiyi who was getting closer and closer, deliberately angered him: "I can't smell your pheromone. Go find an Alpha, it's useless to have me."Lin Zhiyi turned off the light and whispered in Zhou Huaisheng's ear: "It's useless to have you? Then how did our baby created?"________JUST IN CASE, THIS STORY IS:βœ“ PURELY MTL(means this is not edited, so expect the incorrect pronouns, indents, and grammatical errors. :D)βœ“ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ( just uploaded here for my smooth offline reading)βœ“ Do Not Report, Do Not Vote, Just Readβœ“ DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover nor the story, this is all for offline reading.βœ“ All Rights and Credits to the original author (杳杳一言), google translator, and link(s).
Dream Catcher

[COMPLETED] (BOOK I IN THE DREAM SERIES) Dani Deleon has a problem. With a single touch, she can see people's nightmares. When she starts to see the nightmares of a sadistic serial killer known as The Maestro...everyone around her becomes a possible suspect. With the help of Detective Jax Michaels, will Dani be able to stop this symphony of murder? Or will this unlikely duo fall victim to the very madman they're chasing? ----- THE DREAM SERIES: Book One: Dream Catcher Book Two: Dreamscape Book Three: Dream Hunter Book Four: Dream Phantom

I walked another two more steps and before I could take another step,someone grabbed me vigorously by the shoulders and placed a cloth on my nose and mouth. I tried struggling but I breathed in the chemicals. I felt my eyelids dropping. The vision around me blurred and I passed out.(undergoing major editing xD)
His Mate: The Demon King

Book 1 - His Mate Book 2 - His Mate: The Demon King An unexpected union. Hatred turned to love. Mysteries arose. History explained. Unexpected fight and betrayal. The loss of a loved one and the quest to protect one.Aliyah found herself running around to protect herself and her unborn child while mourning the death of Prince Edward, her Mate. But it was proving difficult with the witches, rogues and everyone else after her and she will have to accept the help of the person she never thought would choose to help in such a dire time.Prince Edward awoke in a strange place with an unexpected companion who brings him news of His Mate almost every day but alas, he cannot meet her or talk to her himself. To do that, he will have to accomplish a task, a task so difficult that one error would cost him his only chance of ever being with his beloved again.But then the fight is not over and too many enemies to conquer. Would he rather give up his only chance or would he take it despite the danger that lies with it in order to save her?Things wouldn't be the same again, he wouldn't be the same again but the enemies are still lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to strike once more.
The Rejected Luna

I woke up to sunlight streaming in through the windows. I tried to move only to wince in pain. I was sore down there from last night. I smiled thinking about last night, it was perfect. I looked over at Hunter who was still asleep. I sat up, with little protest from down there and got up to get dressed. As I was getting out of bed Hunter groaned next to me."Morning." I said as I was slipping my undergarments on."Morning." He said a little distressed. "Wait did we..." he trailed off.I was a little confused. "Yeah we did, whats the issue?""Fuck" He groaned while he flopped back down on the bed, rubbing his hands over his face."What?" I was starting to get concerned."This wasn't supposed to happen. This was a mistake." He said, sitting up again."Why was this a mistake?" I said, upset that he called us a mistake."I didn't want to meet you yet, I want to be free not tied down by some mate. I mean you were a good one night stand. I just don't think you would be a good Luna." My heart broke when he said that. "You're not pretty enough, just some scum that was lucky enough to be able to sleep with me last night." My heart officially shattered into a million pieces. I started to get teary, but I didn't want to cry. But his next words broke the dam holding my tears in. "I, future Alpha Hunter Black, reject you, Ashlynn King, to be mate and future Luna."----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ashlynn has been dreaming of her mate, but what happens when he decides that she isn't good enough for him?
Never-Ending Nightmare|Yandere!Smiling Critters x Male!Reader

Y/n L/n was just a normal orphaned child but doesn't have many friends in his life and his only friends are the Smiling Critters gang made by Playtime Co, a family friendly toy company that made amazing toys like Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs and the one and only Poppy Playtime herself.Y/n had a really hard time sleeping at night as a dedicated and talented scientist decided to let Y/n test out their latest new toy known as Catnap, a purple cat plushie that emits sleeping gas from his mouth that can put anyone to sleep, which actually worked really well as Y/n gets to keep the toy from the scientist as a gift and became best friends with Catnap as they both played together in Dreamland along with the rest of the Smiling Critters. Y/n could never been happier until the Catnap toys were recalled and Playtime Co. was shut down after some "incidents" that happened behind closed doors.But then, many years later after Y/n reached to adulthood, he was dared by his so-called friends that were completely drunk as hell to go into the factory and stay there for a whole night as Y/n soon found himself back at the Orphanage, completely run down and abandoned.He eventually found the Smiling Critters in the factory that are all filled with so much joy to see their old friend back and now they don't want him to leave as they are determined to turn him into a Smiling Critter like them so he can be with him....Forever.

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Alia and RSV were the best of friends until a single mistake changed everything. RSV suggested they stick together through thick and thin, but when the going got tough, he chose to disappear, leaving Alia hurt and confused. Despite her efforts to reach out to RSV, silence was all she received. Alia moved on, finding love in a new relationship, while RSV was consumed by guilt. Broken Bonds is a heart-wrenching tale of betrayal, regret, and the power of forgiveness.

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Red Crossed Heroes (Kirishima X Reader)

As a quirkless individual, you always assumed that you wouldn't be of any help. However, once you joined the JWA Nursing Academy, you realized the amount of potential you have at helping people. Now, as a present-day scholarly nursing student, you were accepted into one of the top programs a non-hero student could be in: The Heroes Without Capes Program. In an effort to show the students of UA other hero-like jobs, you happened to be paired up with one of your old middle school classmates, Eijiro Kirishima. As the two of you start to reconnect, you begin to uncover why he suddenly changed himself. However, during that period of rekindling, Kirishima may have started falling for you. But with the upcoming obstacles in your relationship with him, there is only one question to be asked: Will you two be able to have that relationship the both of you want?

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Breaking Boundaries (5th in Breaking Series)

**Be aware that this is a manXman story so if that bothers you then please don't read! 5th in Breaking Series. There are certain things that make a man a man in late 1870's Texas. Being able to rope, ride and handle cattle to name a few. Shooting from the hip, playing poker and throwing back whiskey never hurt either. Nick could do all those things but none of that would matter if anyone knew the truth about him-if anyone knew his secret. So to protect that secret, Nick keeps to himself as he works on the ranch at Atkinson Spread. He likes his job and the bosses are decent but Nick is lonely. Covered in scars, both of the physical and emotional variety, he longs for one person he can truly be himself around. That one person he can love. Aiden is running. He's been running since his family realized what he was, called him an abomination and cursed him to death. Bakerstown Texas is where his legs and his will to run finally give out. Somehow he finds himself hired on to work at Atkinson spread though he knows nothing about cattle. He has already resigned himself to a life alone but that thought goes out the window when he lays his eyes on a ranch hand named Nick. Even then, Aiden knows he can't have Nick. Nick doesn't seem to suffer from the same condition that Aiden was born with and so there's not a lot Aiden can do about his attraction to the other man. Until a night at the saloon goes a bit too far......Can these two men be together or will their secret be found out and their disease dealt with the frontier way?

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You're worthless. You're ugly. No one will love you. Are the words that Olivia hears everyday from her bullies, but what will happen when she puts a stop to it by getting a makeover. Will it attract the attention from one of her nine tormentors. Read to find out.

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A one-shot/ x Reader story I created! Requests are being accepted right now so message me for a request! I'll try to do as many as I can! Thanks and I will see you at Camp ~ Henni, Daughter of Poseidon

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Hope has just lost her mother... again! What will happen next? Will she save Emma? Will she save her family? Is new love a possibility? What new information will she learn about her family and her past?

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