[BL] Marrying a Disabled Boss [Past to Modern]

[BL] Marrying a Disabled Boss [Past to Modern]

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Marrying a Disabled Boss [Past to Modern]


55 Chapters

Xu Xiaoxiao, who came from ancient times, has traveled through. The mysterious patterns at the corners of his eyes are exquisite and gorgeous, and he is not a modern person at first glance.

Chi Yu's legs were crippled, and her fiancee broke off the marriage.

Xu Xiao shivered and said: I, I will protect you, you don't want to eat me.

Chi Yu's dead heart froze for no reason.

Xu Xiaoxiao washed and cooked for him, rubbed his body, and didn't think he was dirty or annoying.

Chi Yu thought that he would never meet such a good person again. It's just that he didn't expect that his little scare brought him more surprises than that.

The fiancée came to find fault: Xu Xiaoxiao is a douchebag, ugly and dirty.

Later, Xu Xiaoxiao appeared in a well-known international magazine, and the introduction was written as follows: The ultimate temptation of androgyny, the high-level beauty from the mysterious East.

Chi Yu: How can he keep his family from going out, wait online, very urgent!

Until Xu Xiaoxiao's stomach grew bigger day by day...

Chi Yu: ! ! !

Xu Xiao was terrified: I can't hide it, I can't hide it, why don't I run?

Chi Yu scooped it back and lay beside his ear, whispering in a low voice from his lover "Don't want to give me a baby? If you don't want to, it's too late. If you enter my devil's house, you can only be my person forever."



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