|BL| How To Level Up By Sucking After Transmigrating Into A Cannibal Flower

|BL| How To Level Up By Sucking After Transmigrating Into A Cannibal Flower

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Category: Adventure
As an ordinary human, Luo Xingzhou was killed by a Stellar Beast in a Survival Live Show. However, his spirit accidentally traveled through time and space to a non-human world and landed on a Cannibal Flower. A few hundred years later, he traveled back to his previous world. And he got back to a critical moment in the Survival Live Show. Then he became the only vicious Cannibal Flower in the Interstellar Empire. Just by sucking, he could become stronger and stronger.
When Luo Xingzhou first met Feng Zhan, the first idea that came to him was that this man seemed to be delicious.
Luo Xingzhou thought, 'I want to suck him!

Feng Zhan, '...'

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