Billionaire's Revenge

Billionaire's Revenge

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Category: Romance
"What do you want Xavier?" I said getting irritated.

"For you to give me a chance to explain myself."

"There's no need to explain anything to me, we are-"

"Say friends, I dare you."

I scoffed "We aren't friends Xavier."

"Right. We are not."

Happy that you too believe the same.

"Exactly, we are not friends, we are nothing to each other so you do not owe me any explanations."

"We are not friends, I agree but if we mean nothing to each other then why were you jealous today."

I am not a bit shocked because I know I made it pretty obvious.

"And do not deny it Viviana, I saw you."


Viviana Knight had a crush on Xavier Quinn when both were in college. They both had something in college but things ended up really bad. 8 years later, they collide with each other again at Viviana's best friend's wedding that's when Xavier forces her to marry him. For Xavier it's pure revenge but he's scared to fall for her again.

Let's find out in the story...

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