Bill Cipher's Little 'Friend' - Gravity Falls (Platonic Bill x Child Reader)

Bill Cipher's Little 'Friend' - Gravity Falls (Platonic Bill x Child Reader)

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KEEP IN MIND! Dipper, Mabel, and the rest of the Pines family try hiding the mysteries of this town from you because they don't want to freak you out, worry you, or put you in danger.

You are Y/N. You are the baby sister to Dipper and Mabel. When Gravity Falls takes place, the twins are 12 and you are 6, almost 7. You take after Mabel because you are silly, very naive, and not the smartest. You act very childish and carry around an (F/stuffed animal). But what will happen when Bill realizes you are the easiest person from the Pines family to manipulate and trick? Guess you'll have to wait and see....

(I don't own these characters as they are owned by Alex Hirsch. I don't own any photos. In the story I will pick certain episodes, some might be back to back, but I won't incorporate the whole show. If you have an episode you want me to make a chapter on please let me know! Our story starts on episode 1, season 1....)

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