Biker's Teddy (Wolves MC 3)

Biker's Teddy (Wolves MC 3)

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the unraveling

UPDATED CONSTANTLY !!a collection of poetry and prose from a psyche worn and demented. the majority of these poems, though not all, were written at a very low and dark time. this collection is for all the masochists with no answer to their incessant 'why 's', the ones who have looked death straight in its eyes and find the fear feels anticlimactic, the broken hearts and the fractured heads, the bags of flesh who find it so hard to get out of bed when the alarm calls forth, the people whose brains have unraveled like a ball of yarn and now hangs in a lonely noose around their neck. this is for the self-proclaimed maniac, the seeker of authenticity, the repressed hypersexual, the deluded pagan. this is my account of fading to nothing. may it inspire you to share yours. sincerely,lemyn victoria
What Is True Love?

The story of the past of the king of curses (Ryomen Sukuna) in the heian era, the story of Ryomen Sukuna when he was still a Jujutsu Sorcercer, a story that all Jujutsu magicians in the heian era never saw and heard, a story containing regret and betrayal, this is the story of Sukuna's relationship with an weird woman that no one knew about that relationship expect Sukuna and the weird woman.
The Beach Accident | ✍🏼

Skylar MillerA girl who has been blamed but never seen as the victim in the story. She lost her best friends then she lost the people that she used to love. It felt like her life was breaking at every corner she looked. "If you told me that going for a surf one Saturday morning would have brought me to where I am today, with the trauma I have, I would have probably laughed, but now that I think about it, it happened to me, and I still got blamed rather than thought of as a victim" Of course, Skylar and her older sister, Summer, go surfing the morning of the competition, only to come back in with something that shouldn't of happened. There experienced surfers, so why did it happen? Why did it happen to them? For Skylar Miller, all it took was one small thing to change her entire life. To change her entire family that she had slowly started to hate. ___________________________________________________________________"It wasn't my fault" "We care because we are your siblings" "But you could have known. You could have asked, and I would've told you , but it doesn't matter anymore. I've moved on and so should you" __________________________________________________________________*TW: some themes and language may be distressing for some*__________________________________________________________________Started: 6.01.22Finished: Rankings: - #1 in Surfer girl
не бойся меня,малыш

Хван Хенджин-бизнесмен,который был жесток к каждому живому существу.Однажды он встретит интересную особу,которая растопит сердце Хвана и покажет,что такое любовь..
Sorry, I'm Not Into Bestiality

Now, I've been hungover before.I've experienced the entire earthly spectrum of emotion that comes with the joys of drinking until you can't stand. I've seen, felt, smelt and heard things that upon reflection a sober human being wouldn't necessarily do. There was very little I couldn't chalk up to the consequences of my own actions whilst recovering from a particularly heavy night of partying.But as the stranger in front of me demanded me to stop, his entire appearance morphed into something vile. And I can honestly say that was a first for me.His eyes turned black like ink, his teeth extending to sharp points as dark veins began forming up his neck, crawling to join in a tangled web of visible webbing beneath his skin. The man I'd only a few minutes earlier considered attractive, had now become one of the vilest creatures I'd ever seen. Definitely not a crackhead."Holy f*cking crap!" ---Danielle Perkins knows more than most about how truly unfair the world can be. After years of training and serving in the military, she is ultimately discharged from duty and settles down for civilian life in the bustling city of New York. A far cry from her terror filled past, it takes some time but she finally begins to get her life back together. That is until she's faced with a world that at no point was she ever trained for, and faced with a man that she was in no way ready for.
Y/n one Shots and Smut

MCU - all characters DC - characters I know/ hasn't seen show recently sorry.Dr.Who - doctors 10 - 12 (haven't seen13)One Punch Man -all characters Sherlock Holmes -all characters Lord Of The Rings- all characters Mandalorian- all characters The Witcher - all characters Resident Evil - all characters Anime characters - some?Actors/Youtubers/Random ones?- if I know them from what I watch.So there will be smut...There will be a warning by it that Says MA18+ or Lemon and or Smut( I'll be honest I hope it's good but I'm not used to wring that kind of stuff) I will try to do some guy on guy and girl and girl characters like Conner kent and Tim Drake i guess...I haven't done that either so bare with me. 😅 I will try to do requests but just as a warning gay sex is not my strong suit at all but I will try my hardest to do it.Also now I will be marking each chapter with an Emoji to help me sort them later on into there proper places. Read first chapter for details! Happy reading and Vote and comment!
BNHA X Reader One-shots *EDITED*

*EDITED* I'm obsessed with MHA (My hero academia). Transferred from my quotev account

Meet Janessa Raines..A 17 Year Old Assassin, Business Owner And Mom.. She was kidnapped at 1 by her families rival and she endured pain all the way up to 12.She was trained to kill, be smart, be amune to drugs, build, cook and pretty much everything. She became the worlds greatest assassin in the underworld, even mafia's want to work with her but she wouldn't. ---Meet The Raines Family.. The Italian mafia.. They were the most powerful in private and public.They might've looked like the picture perfect family but behind closed doors it definitely wasn't that.They hadn't been a family in 16 years.. All since the youngest child was kidnapped. What happens when they get a call that she's alive? Will they take her in? How will they react? How will she react? Read to find out..------1.8.22 ( #1 in Mafia )1.8.22 ( #2 in mafiaprincess )1.8.22 ( #3 in assassin )1.8.22 ( #1 in teenmother )1.8.22 ( #7 in lostdaughter )1.30.22 ( #8 in abuse ) Book Started: Sometime In The Middle Of DecemberBook ended:

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Ranked 3rd in Elemental! 2-17-19Ranked 194 out of over 5k in Powers! 12-14-18This story is about the supernatural. No not the show silly. There are five races: Angels, Demons, Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves. A war broke out between the Demons and the other Races. The angels died out, well all but one. The war ended with the Queen Angel put a spell on the Demons. Locking them away. Then a baby, named Roselyn, was found in the forest by a werewolf pack called Blood Moon. There she is raised by the Alpha and his mate until she turns 15. She is sent to an Academy to learn how to control her abilities. It is also where she finds out new things about her. What will happen to her? Follow her on her quest to find out!

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Distributor Pintu Minimalis Kamar Tidur Di Pekanbaru

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The current year is 1823. Three young novices of the catholic church recently got enrolled into the local catholic school, Saint Peterson's Nunnery. But, there is one girl that tends to fracture the rules a bit. Her infamous name is Genevieve. Soon to be, Sister Mary Genevieve. Though, there is one girl in particular that Genevieve finds to be interesting. This said girl is named Carmella. Her best friend, a childhood friend, even, is Eleanor. These two women don't tend to break the rules, you could even say they're scared to, but Genevieve sees to show a liking toward Carmella for some reason. !!!THIS STORY IS NOT A MOCKERY OF CATHOLICS!!! we are just doing this for fun :)

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