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just me being a crazy bi...

finger guns and bad puns.

I'll publish when I can, but no promises

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I might get tagged. I might draw. Only God knows.
Your Pain Is My Comfort

"Why did you show up at my school? Why did you corner me in the bathroom? Why did you kiss me? What did you mean you can pleasure me in more ways than one?" So many questions were running through my head and not having answers was driving me out my mind."I can't answer any of those questions-""Why the hell not?!" My hands were bawled into fist as she looked down at her own hands, as if contemplating what she should do. "Are you here as my patient, or as a personal matter?" She asked as she got out of her chair. I watched as she walked towards me. Today she was in a suit. A very alluring, seductive suit that seemed to make my mouth water. "Please answer Miss Wilson before I become irritated," I cleared my throat. "Personal," she nodded her head and walked up to me. With each step she took forwards I wanted to take five backwards. "I showed up to your school because I couldn't stop thinking about you. I cornered you in the bathroom because I wanted to see how you would react to have someone stand over you, and watch you squirm until you fell to your knees," she was standing directly in front of me now. "I kissed you because I had been wanting to do that since the moment I laid eyes on you. I wanted to know how your lips would quiver under mine. How they would part as I stuck my hands in between your legs and circled your clit. And as for the last thing," she ran her hand through my hair and pulled my head back. Her lips went to my ear, "you knew exactly what I meant," a whimper left my mouth as she started nibbling on my ear. "I'm going to fuck you now Miss Wilson," I felt my inside starting to burn as she ran her tongue down my neck. She started sucking on my collarbone making my knees go weak. "And if I'm being honest," she moved back up to my neck and once her tongue touched that spot a moan slipped out mouth. This seemed to arouse her as her grip on my hair tightened. "I haven't felt this excited to fuck someone in a while,"
π˜‰π˜­π˜°π˜°π˜₯ 𝘏𝘒𝘴𝘩π˜ͺ𝘳𝘒 》 KnY

❝ nemi-nemi! let's go kill some demons!! ❞ ( on going! ) Leaving her family without any explanation, Y/n L/n joins the demon slayer corps as she strives and craves blood in the shadows. She lures in demon with her marechi blood, but once a demon succumbs to her trap, her true form is unleashed.( timeline: original storyline - kny s1 - mugen train - kny s2 - manga )( kny x toga!reader )( various x reader )

MxMxFxMxM"It's okay to quit, mami." Elliot whispered in my ear. Shivers shot down my back as I felt him move around me. I stared ahead, my heart beating wildly. The feeling of wooden pole lightly grazing my back. "He's right, honey. You can, we won't be mad." Vincent said. My eyes shot to his from across the mat. He stood there with his hands behind his back. I growled softly. I quickly turned and went to grab the pole but was stopped short when my body was slammed to the ground. "Mmm. Our angry little baby is getting quite frustrated." Close to my face was Sammy smirking at me. He had my body trapped under his. I felt desire and anger boil in me. "You guys don't play fair." I said softly. Sammy chuckled while he was doing that, I shot my knee up and hit his stomach. He yelped out and I quickly shot up. "Ha! I won." I said while doing a little dance. I felt a little kiss on my neck then my arms were being drawn back behind me. My eyes drooped a little as they continued down my neck. "Good job, little one. But what's going to stop you from me?" π’ŠΉοΈŽπ’ŠΉοΈŽπ’ŠΉοΈŽArabella Davis is a orphan who can't remember anything from the time she is 10. Now that she is 17 she finds herself in a mental hospital but was transferred to a school for the gifted. The Academy of Dark Arts. She meets four mysterious men who find interest in her and now they want her to themselves. DISCLAIMER- THIS IS A GROUP RELATIONSHIP AKA A POLY RELATIONSHIP. IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THAT OR UNDERAGE PLS CLICK OFF!!!!! Thank you
Tags lmao

The title lmaoI will also be doing book opinions occasionally and a few little fun side things like the Hunger Games with characters.(Cover says: Some of y'all have never wrote Wattpad fanfiction and it shows)
CARVALLE: School of Supernaturals [BxB] 18+

"D-did you just collar me?""Because you're being a bitch, yeah..." He was then pinned to the wall. "Now, you're my bitch.""What if I don't want to be, fucker?!""Funny you think you can do whatever you want in my territory." He felt a hot, intoxicating breath in his ears, triggering warmth inside of him. "Now, on your knees."Vampires | Ghosts | Shapeshifter/Werewolves | ...CARVALLE SPECIAL X: A school for the mutated gene from different parts of the world. Funded by the most powerful Mafia to attempt to keep the supernaturals a secret. Kenneth, formerly human, never guessed he would be caught up in between finding "what he is" and surviving a hierarchy between species, especially when one of the Kings of that hierarchy staked a claim on him. β–ΆOFFENSIVE CONTENT NOT FOR A VANILLA READER, PLEASE HEED THE WARNINGS.β–ΆNOT A FANFICTION, Casts are just faceclaims

This is the story of a high school girl, Y/N, who has an average life, but it will all change when her mom will get married to the father of BTS. Y/N's life will turn upside down because the school's most handsome and powerful boys will be her new stepbrothers. But the problem is that she doesn't want those seven devils as her stepbrothers because they are troublemakers, they are arrogant, and they sometimes act like gangsters. Many wise people choose to stay away from them because they can be scary sometimes, but there are also many people who crave their attention because they are rich, handsome and powerful. Y/N is one of the wise people who chose to stay away from BTS but if her mom gets married to BTS's dad then she will have no choice but to accept them as her stepbrothers. But now the question is, will BTS accept her as stepsister or will they make her life miserable? And if they decide to accept her as sister then will she be able to handle their overprotectiveness or will she hate them for that? Also, what will BTS do if Y/N and her mom find out their darkest secret?Note 1: There will be no romance between Y/N and BTS. This is the story about a brother-sister relationship. This Story is also on YouTube:

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He's my ex! #JIMIN #JUNGKOOK

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Translation Status : CompletedThis is the Burmese translation of HDS Arc 9.I translated this arc from English translation which is why I asked for permission to let me translate ONLY this arc from E-tran team via E-mail. I got permitted at 28th May, 2020.You can read English translation of this arc at this site given down below. Readable in both Zawgyi & Unicode )

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The Society | Completed

Conrad Rosser is a Beta's daughter in a society where each rank is matched within itself.Werewolves are creatures of habit.They stick to what they know, and they don't venture from it very often - why would they? Fate takes the guesswork out of it all, and Conrad is okay with that; until it shoves her with an Alpha who's none too happy about breaking tradition.

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The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED)

Jade Pesado was perfectly happy with her life, but when "bad boy" Ryder Steele moves in next door she doubts his family will be there long. But after an annoying family dinner, Ryder starts seeing her around school and pestering her for his own amusement, will they become friends or will she grow to hate him. Little does she know the bad boys got bets.~ ~ sounds completely cliche, and it probably is but hey, give it a read because who doesn't love a good cliche story ~ ~COMPLETED <3 <3

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To Love The Enemy (COMPLETED)

Si Jaxcel ay isang masiyahin na babae,pero nag bago lahat ng itakwil siya ng pamilya niya, at simula non naging tahimik, seryoso, at misteryosong babae na siya.At nakilala siya ni Kendric at pinili niyang banggain Ito dahil gusto niyang malaman ang pagkatao nito. Hindi niya inaasahan na bigla niya na lang a-realize na mahal na niya ang dalaga.This is my first story I hope you like it!Language: TaglishStatus: COMPLETED

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The Best Husband (Completed)

*Ranked#1 in redemption(11-8-18)#3 in recommended(26-5-18)#641 IN FANFICTION(21-3-17)Arnav calls Khushi the biggest mistake of his life and more so brings up the contract between them to make her stay making Khushi disheartened and too hurt.She started distancing herself from not only him but his family as well pricking him with a mountain of guilt.How would he remove her insecurities and make her believe that she is the not the mistake but most beautiful part of his life?How would he prove himself THE BEST HUSBAND?___________________CompletedTotal words: 53,794(Unedited Version)Covers by mePics and gifs from googleDO NOT COPY!!!

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Owned By The Alpha β€’Completedβœ“

I wrote this book a while ago, I don't like most of what's written here. So if you're here to criticize, please don't😏She flinched and moved back a little as he tried to touch her.Alpha's are bad.They get angry easily. They will punish you.She kept repeating to herself as the Alpha came closer.****************After being maltreated by her uncle who was an Alpha and was almost used as a sex slave,Kenzie have lived with a constant fear of all Alpha's.But what will she do when she finds her mate who is also an Alpha.Read the interesting story to find out.2 in #saved1 in #oppositeπŸ₯ΊπŸ€(6th of September)Peace✌

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