BFB but on crack

BFB but on crack

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A Crack Book About Walking Objects I Like

Also, the characters in this story are going to be the same version as they are in my Groupchat Story.If you see someone acting out of character than they usually do, you know why.

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Scumbag's White Moonlight Stand-in Doesn't Want to do it Anymore渣攻的白月光替身不想干了Author壹枚Status78 ChaptersZhai Siluo served as a substitute by Shen Weixi's side for three years. Unexpectedly, when Bai Yueguang returned home, Shen Weixi ran away from the marriage on the spot and abandoned him. Just when Zhai Siluo was being laughed at by everyone at the wedding banquet, he silently stepped off the stage, his eyes were slightly red, and he looked at the noble and arrogant man in the front row. "Fourth Uncle, can you do me a favor?" Shen Zhuoli looked at the young man with broad shoulders and narrow waist, handsome and straight, and his eyes were slightly downcast. "Okay." It was rumored in the upper circle of Wancheng that after Shen Weixi escaped from marriage, Zhai Siluo washed his face in tears all day at home, describing him as haggard. Shen Zhuoli felt pity in his heart. He passed Zhai Siluo's room one night and wanted to comfort him, but he heard laughter from behind the door: Hahahaha, I'm so cool now, okay! I wish them scumbags and dogs, forever! Shen Zhuoli: ......Heh.Knowing that Zhai Siluo was the one who really moved his heart back then, Shen Weixi regretted that, dumping Bai Yueguang, who was full of lies, holding a big rose in his arms, he came to the door late at night, wanting to beg Zhai Siluo's forgiveness, unexpectedly, the door opened. Standing behind the door was the current head of the Shen family in a bathrobe, Shen Zhuoli, who has always been known for being cold and abstinent and unsmiling. Shen Weixi caught a glimpse of the red scratches on his shoulders, and dared not say anything, "Four...four uncles?"---NOTE: FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES SO DON'T REPOST MTLED IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THEN IT IS IN POOR QUALITY I DID THIS FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO CAN'T AFFORD PROPERLY TRANSLATED AND LIMITED INTERNET CONNECTION SO PLEASE DON'T CRITICIZE THE QUALITY NOR THE WAY I MTLED IT THANK YOU
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