Beyond Midnight

Beyond Midnight

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Category: Science Fiction
"I've been taught that girls have no value, and he's the only one who assures me that I do."

Soleil is a girl. A young woman. A female. She couldn't hate it more, because in her society that cursed gender makes her expendable.

The war that was wrought on Earth years ago destroyed society, and men almost went extinct. Repopulation is the propriety, even if it means marrying a man with 8 other wives to become a baby making machine.

When she meets an enormous alien man through a window, she slowly comes to realize that she is meant for more. She sneaks away every night after that to meet him, finding herself falling for all 7 feet of him.... even if she can't understand a thing that he says.

Fray has come from Rytaria to collect human females, the salvation of his race. As soon as he meets his precious Soleil, he knows he has to have her.

Little does she know that Fray will do whatever it takes to make her his mate, and he will worship the very ground she walks on.

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