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Sometimes, all we need is for someone to believe in us.

After a traumatic experience, Taehyung lost his will to live. He was a rebel, a troublemaker, a delinquent. He smokes, he skips classes, he gets into fights. He hated people. He always push everyone away from him. He wanted to escape all of his pain and agony.

Until there was her.

Everything has an opposite. The head of tails, the yin of yang, the black of white. In every Taehyung, there is a Jisoo.

Jisoo is your quirky girl who goes around greeting everyone with enthusiasm. She is cheerful and bright, a total optimist. She always wants to help people around her. She always wants to spread kindness and to perceive life in a positive perspective.

When the paths of two different people cross, what is there to happen?

She is the light and he is the darkness. He thinks that she is too bright for him so he stayed in somber colors. Until she believes in him...

And he started believing in himself.

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Fate...the word which can change someone completely.It can be good for can be bad for someone.It can change people in good way or it can turns people in bad way too.No one can change it...It's predetermined. Once you turn your path to Fate no one can change will happen however hard you try.It's a story about first love, someone who truly loves you... never leave you.You may apart by fate but density will bring you back.A first love of high school lovers, a first love of sacrifice. First love of life. A story about sweet, pretty girl Kim Jisoo and talented, friendly boy Kim Taehyung. You will always be my first, my last...
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Jennie Kim she hated Lisa Manoban because Lisa agreed to the marriage. She hates her existence and worst they are staying in one roof.what will happen if your parents force you to get married is it destiny or destiny just want to play?Let's find out darling :)

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