Before She Even Knows

Before She Even Knows

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''There is only one thing crossing my mind right now. If he hates me so much, then why the hell is he kissing me back?''


Emma White has always been kind of a loner. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father never really cared, always working in his successful company. That's why she decides to go to a college away from home, something she's been dreaming of since she can remember.

However, what happens when at her very first day on campus, she crosses path with Noah Allen? He is rich, popular, cold, rude and a player just to start with. No surprise she calls him Mr. Grumpy.

What is driving her insane though is that he's only too cold when it comes to her. After some not so pleasant moments and lots of glares, she tells herself that the best is to stay away from him, but it won't be that easy.

After a disastrous kiss and hidden jealousy, she finds herself deeply involved into what is this frustrating boy. Add to that the fact that he is her roommates' childhood best friend and you can see drama from miles away.

Noah claims to hate her ever since they met, and he doesn't mean her first day of college. He remembers her just fine from a couple of years ago and all the feelings are back. He knows she doesn't remember him and he'll use this as his leverage to do what he has to do. It's what he promised his father and himself, even if it means he has to pretend to care for her.

All he cares is his family business. At least it's what he tells himself, until the feelings start getting too mixed and he ends up thinking of her more than he should. Maybe it's not all about business after all.

He knows their history started before she even knows, what he didn't expect was for her to be so different from what he has always believed.

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