Before It's Too Late

Before It's Too Late

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Category: Romance
Avery trusted her heart to a man who promised her forever. When he betrays her trust, should she stay and rebuild what was broken or let go and move on?
Avery Jackson's world shatters when she discovers a suspicious message on her fiance David's phone. Amidst the cloud of doubt consuming her mind, she grapples with the harsh truths at the core of their relationship. With her best friend Shelly by her side, they craft a discreet plan to track David's movements, leading to revelation after revelation along the way.
She only wants the truth, not its shocking twists and turns. But she experiences it all-love, betrayal, and heartbreak.
Avery must choose to trust again and rebuild what was broken... or let go and walk away.
1st Place- Romance Fiction Genre Critics Choice Awards Second Edition
1st Place- General Fiction Genre Magical Grand Awards
1st Place- Short Story Category One in a Million Awards
1st Place- General Fiction Genre Golden Rose Awards
2nd Place- Romance Genre The Kingdom of Awards
3rd Place- General Fiction Genre The Phoenix Awards
3rd Place- Romance Genre The Ace of Books Awards
Best Prologue/Introduction- Critics Choice Awards Second Edition

#1 in Moving on from the Past 08/20/22
#1 in Letting Go 08/20/22
#1 in Letting Go 08/04/22
#1 in Letting Go 02/03/22 - 02/16/22
#1 in Letting Go 01/20/22
#1 in Letting Go 01/04/22 - 01/18/22
#1 in Letting Go 11/10/21 - 12/09/21
Date Published: 15 May 2021
Date Started: 02 March 2021
Date Completed: 21 January 2022

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