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Category: Romance
Mia Sanders wants to end her life on her eighteenth birthday - the day that started the hell she's been living in. But before she takes her life, she wants to make amends with the people she's hurt in the past, which means she must reconcile with her ex-boyfriend, neighbour and childhood best friend, Shane Lawson, who she cheated on when she was sixteen. But when Shane keeps pushing Mia away, telling her she ruined something special, Mia is stuck trying to get Shane to forgive her before it's too late.

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His Savior ✔️

"Hey, what happened to your face?" I asked my seat partner, CJ. He turned and took out his book ignoring my question. I took his hoodie down to see the whole damage, "did you get into a fight or something?" I asked. He again didn't answer. I touched his arm, but he pulled away. "Leave me the fuck alone," he finally said. Because of her mother's career, Bianca moves every year. Every year she can choose to be someone different, this year she chooses to be CJ's savior.
A Perfect Harmony  (Veneer x Oc Adora Quinn)

🎶When tomarow comes, I'll be on my own. Feeling frightened of the things I don't know. When tomarow comes, When tomarow comes, when tomarow comes🎶being one of the few humans in the troll world is....well...hard. and being born with a purple streak in her hair, purple eyes, and having a 'bad-girl' attitude makes it even harder. but things slowly start to change when she meets the singing siblings Velvet & Veneer. A trolls: Band Together fanfiction.I don't own the movie just my ocs and a few scenes/bits 💜Enjoy!💚
The Alpha Bully

When Catherine Meyers started a new school in New York all she wanted was to be invincible. She was okay with being in the background. Her plans were to finish highschool with a good GPA and go to Harvard. She wanted to be a neurosurgeon. But her hopes were shattered when a force from the past which she couldn't remember barged into her life again.And this time he promised to ruin her.Ace Hampton was the King of Riverside highschool and Catherine Meyers is the rose he vowed to remove her petals one after the other until she is gone.Her father killed his father, how dare her act like she doesn't know him?He remembers her but she couldn't remember him and he would make her pay.
Vlad The Impaler (VAMPIRE-ELF)

Count Dracula wakes up after 2000 years and the only thing he wants, desires and yearns for is to find her and make her his ;the woman he had been promised through years and years of prophecy. Yet this elf princess who captured his soul by just breathing comes with a lot of baggage in the form of curses and a destiny given mission to kill him. Erinna is the most powerful elf to have ever been born and stands by her duty. She doesn't care for fabled prophecies making her mate to the most evil tyrant to ever walk the earth which does not make sense in itself since a union between a vampire and elf will result in a curse that would wipe out both races. The only prophecy she believed was the one that said she'd kill him.What are these two going to do especially when Dracula hungers and yearns for Erinna with a desire bordering on insanity? Will she be able to fight the uncontrollable attraction and bond she has with him and not succumb to her darkest desires?I obviously suck at summaries. Just read the book. Beta Reader @LightningThiefGirl
After Rebirth, I Just Want To Be A Salted Fish - 重生后我只想咸鱼

After Rebirth, I Just Want to be a Salted Fish 《重生后我只想咸鱼》Author:雕雕子(Diao Diao Zi)Li Sinian has been fighting with his brother all his life. Family property, the attention of his parents, and... the person he loves but doesn't love him.Fighting over and over, only to find out that the clown is only himself.Because his brother can get everything he wants without doing anything, so no matter what he does, he will come to no good end in the end.It was not until the day of his death that he knew that the world he lived in was a heartthrob novel, his younger brother was the protagonist heartthrob, and he was the vicious cannon fodder who set off the protagonist.Li Sinian smiled bitterly: No wonder......*****Li Sinian left the Li Family for three years.In front of the french windows of a tall building, the assistant said to Father Li: "Director Li, the young master has lived in the countryside for three years.""Did he know he was wrong?"Assistant: "The young master's restaurant chain has more than 10,000 branch nationwide, and its worth is even higher than our Li's!"Father Li: ? ? ?After rebirth, I just want to be a salted fishThe result is more money than before???Content label: reborn, gourmet, wear books and cool articleSearch keywords: protagonist: Li Sinian ┃ supporting role: ┃ others:One sentence introduction: the result is more money than before???NOTE: MTL! MTL! MTL! THIS IS AN EDITED MTL ONLY.

"Why are you being so mean to your new bride?" I demanded ruefully. He smirked in a menacing and ominous way. His grip on my jaw tightened. "I don't acknowledge you as my wife. You're just a burden that I have taken in." he claimed bluntly. "What?" I murmured. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.He was making me realize my insignificant worth. This proves that he is against this marriage. His expression turned sardonic. "I didn't agree to this. I just married you due to some circumstances. But I don't want to get myself involved with you. So stay out of my way." He warned in a very precise tone that sent Goosebumps down my arm. The aura around him was gloomy and threatening. He stood up straight. I tried to climb on my feet. "Remember this. I am not bound to anything, least of all you. But since you have been bound to me and given my name, then it can't be helped." He spoke. Life is extremely unpredictable and it tends to crush you ruthlessly with such unpredictability.Khadijah is a victim of the consequences of the unpredictability of life.Khadijah, a seventeen year old teenager, lost her family in an accident and is taken in by her relatives. But due to unwanted circumstances, they marry her off and send her away to the United States. Sweet innocent khadijah must adjust to her new lifestyle now.On the other hand, Shehzad is an independent, ambitious, domineering millionaire who thinks of love and marriage as nothing but burdens. Seeking nothing but revenge against all those who did him wrong, Shehzad will use every obstacle he can in order to tackle with his enemies especially when his life is on the line everyday. What happens when these two individuals are married?The story of an impossible, irreproachable love. Want to know more, then read and find out.RANKINGS#2 SPIRITUAL 15.12.2014#1 SPIRITUAL 2.5.2015#9 SPIRITUAL 6.1.2017***THE AMAZING COVER CREDITS GOES TO @Donadee***
Yandere Jjba oneshots

Let's see how this go request are open!! Also all images in this book aren't mine they belong to their respective owners
The Rebirth of the Last Days and Return to [Fang] Hao

NOT MINEBefore rebirth, He Zizhong was unfortunate. This loyal dog was loyal to the wrong target. In the difficult end times, he was betrayed by his relatives, deceived by his lover to show his space, and was sadly chased by the enemy.It wasn't until before he died that he learned that Fang Hao, who accompanied him all the way, turned out to be the junior brother who confessed to him in high school. It's a pity that he died too, in his arms.In He Zizhong's past life, Fang Hao felt that he was lucky, after six or seven years, in the desperate apocalypse, he found the senior who was his first love again, and he could accompany him for half a year.More importantly, at the end of life, you can still die in the arms of someone you like. Is there anything happier in the world?After rebirth, He Zizhong reused facts to prove that of course there is something happier in this world than death at the same point.With a space and a lover who he has vowed to protect in this life, hitting zombies, upgrading and creating a better life together, this is He Zizhong's life goal after rebirth. What do you do when you encounter a lover who has cheated on your feelings in your previous life, a selfishly wants to deceive your own space cousin, or issues a killing order to chase down your love rival?Since they can't get around, step on them in the mud with one foot!

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The Beloved Imperial Consort

Author: Zhen YiThe later generations immensely revered Great Wei's Jianan Emperor. During the period of his reign, Great Wei entered its golden era. Interestingly, all the records, that glorified his accomplishments unanimously agreed, that Jianan Emperor had only one flaw in his life: He favored only imperial noble consort! Zhou Tong was very annoyed. She time-traveled out of blue, didn't even have time to take a breath, and yet, already had to deal with troubles. What? Her predecessor was walk-on cannon fodder*? She couldn't even be regarded as a second female lead? Zhou Tong is angry! Change, it must change! This plot needs a beautiful turn around in order to be worthy of sis's coquettish personality! This is a story of the unfortunate time-traveling lass, who possessed the body of reborn aboriginal maiden and became the Great Wei's beloved imperial consort. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------New translations will be posted weekly first at:

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Alexander the Fallen [Book 1] ✔

"I will break you like a stick" he said, running his fingers across his blade. "Suffocate you till you can no longer breathe" his fingers went to caress my throat. "And I will enjoy every second of it", Our eyes connected. My heart pounded against my chest at the promises that were held in his eyes. I'm dead. ********* Dawn Turner was anything but normal. She's the type to go pick up a pencil she had dropped and then drop it again while picking it up. Clumsy by definition, she manages to fall into trouble almost everyday. However, the day she met a certain fallen angel, she knew that she had gotten herself into BIG trouble. Especially since she managed to hit him across the head...with a pan...three times... Not to mention shrieking, and I quote "DIE BITCH DIE." But let's not get ahead of ourselves, that's a story for later on. ALEXANDER THE FALLEN- 18/8/2018 ♡ Inceptian ♡ Impressing Ranks: {#1 In New Voices} {#1 In FallenAngel} {#2 In Hell} {#17 In Devil} {#43 In Horror - out of 7k}

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You found me. You knew meYou gave me the best of meSo, you'll give you the best of youYou'll find it, the galaxy inside youThis is the sequel to "can you trust me"With Kiara finally having revealed all her secrets to the boys, she chooses the difficult path of recovery with the help of Bts. Can she come back to a "normal" life? And can the boys deal with the struggle of their growing fame?

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Random Notes (Short Stories)

I like writing stories during school so I thought I would post these to let others read them and leave their opinions. If you have any suggestions for making these stories better or ideas for new stories, please leave them in the comments. I read them. And please, no hate.

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My mini-Mark (Markilpierxreader)

You live in a small village. You have lived in the village for a long time, so your house is pretty old, but the sounds in your house isn't just crackling wood....

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Target: Wilford Warfstache

Wilford Warfstache, an egotistical man with a pink mustache, has found his way on Ms. Mason's killing list. But when things go wrong and not only do the people who hire her turn on her, Wilford Warfstache has found that she has grabbed his heart and is taking him on a trip. What'll happen as time passes? Will something occur between the two or will the company end up with what they want: A dead Wilford Warfstache.Find out in Target: Wilford Warfstache?: Heh heh heh...

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My new brother (Markiplierxreader)

You live with your two brothers and parents. But your parents want to adopt a new child since your mom doesn't want to give birth fot the fourth time. You don't agree with them, until you see your new 'brother'...

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The Human Pet

*FINISHED*Inspired by The Human Pet by CastlesAndCrumbs, follow a simple human girl as she wakes up in a strange world, full of towering giantsThis story contains sensitive material such as keeping humans as pets/treating humans like animals. It is meant to be realistic yet not exactly cruel. There is no romance. If you'd like me to warn you about something potentially triggering at the start of each chapter, please comment or pm me. This story does NOT have a happy ending.

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My Light in the Darkness (Jun x Hiyori)

Hiyori Tomoe has always gone on a vacation with his family during the summer. They make special appearances at benefits and balls, and Hiyori has always hated it. Since coming to Reimei Academy, he has been able to avoid them to continue working. However, this year his older brother can't make it so Hiyori's mother orders him to come with the family to Hawaii for the summer. Knowing he can't escape it, Hiyori invites Jun with him.For the first time in months, Hiyori and Jun are able to spend time together without the pressure and eyes on them. They are able to get to know each other off stage as they travel throughout Hawaii. Throughout the summer as they grow closer, their feelings for each other begin to grow stronger.

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Stray Kids sickfics

Hi, this is my first book on wattpad and on any other websites.A few things.English is not my first language, I lived 70% of my life in KoreaI won't do little spaces as I have no idea how to write themI am busy so if requests are coming in, I might need some time to finish it.I will take any ships if there are ship requests but I won't take them if the requests are from toxic fans.

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