Becky's Doll

Becky's Doll

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Category: Horror
Something is lurking in the house. Allison could almost feel the vicious cold stares of someone on her skin. She knew that something was seriously wrong. But she dismisses it off as her paranoid thoughts until her little sister, Becky unexpectedly shrieked expletives and threw a dining chair at their mother, one night during dinner. Subsequently, their mother admitted Becky to an asylum. No one but Allison suspected something other than a psychological problem was bothering the six year old. Something dark and sinister. Something that's beyond all your beliefs.


Highest Ranking - #2 in Horror (01/02/2017/)

Hand Picked Awards 1st Place Winner
Beauty Awards Third Place Winner
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✨ SITUS REKOMENDASI RAMAYANA77✨ !! BERAPAPUN ANDA MENANG , PASTI KAMI BAYAR !! 🌐Google Search: RAMAYANA77 📌 BONUS NEW MEMBER 🦋 DEPO 25.000 + 25.000 🦋 DEPO 50.000 + 50.000 📌 BONUS RE - DEPO 🦋 DEPO 100.000+ 50.000 📌 PROMO luckyspin !! 🦋 Minimal Deposit untuk event ini adalah Rp 500.000, ( BISA DI CICIL HANYA BERLAKU DI HARI YANG SAMA ) / untuk 1 Tiket. 📌Bonus rollingan 0,5% SLOT, CASINO, SPORTBOOK 🦋Bonus Rollingan akan di bagi pada setiap hari kamis n senin pada jam 12 siang ✨RTP TERBAIK ✨CASHBACK ✨BANYAK BONUSNYA BONUS NEW MEMBER 100% ALL SLOT MIN DEPO : 25.000 (lansung bisa claim 100%)

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