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Mabel Carter traveled half way across the country to attend college and get away from her dark past. After so many years she finally feels as though she's the one in control of her own life and she's on the way to mending her fragile heart. Until she meets Alexander Woods that is. A friendship sparks between the two of them, and he begins to make her feel things she never thought were possible. But what happens when the past comes knocking?

Alex Woods doesn't do girlfriends. He's convinced that the girls he attends school with only want him based off looks, and would prefer him to be "arm candy." When he meets Mabel he's caught between wanting to be her friend and craving so much more than that. He's convinced himself that friendship is all that will ever come of their relationship, but as she shows the vulnerability beneath the sassy temper of hers, his feelings for her begin to grow in an unexpected way.



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HR: #1 (4/21/18, 6/25/18)

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