Beautiful Alpha and His Shadow Guard Beta

Beautiful Alpha and His Shadow Guard Beta

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Category: Random
Title: 绝美Alpha与Beta影卫
Status: Completed


Gu Tingshen, the third son of the Gu family, like a banished immortal, he is as noble as gold and jade.

Although he was born as an Alpha, he is the white moonlight that many Omegas, Betas and even Alphas can't reach.

Countless people were obsessed with him, went crazy, and tried every means to get close to this high-altitude flower.

However, Gu Tingshen was always cold, refusing to let people near him and let them stay thousands of miles away.

But he don't know since when, but Gu Tingshen has always been accompanied by a taciturn Beta.

Later, that man became Gu Tingshen's pillow.

Everyone was puzzled and wanted to know what was so special about Beta that could attract the pity of Beauty Gu.


Gu Ting smiled deeply and said nothing.

After a long while, he asked an ancient question that everyone has heard: "What is the most important thing in the 21st century?"

"Talent? "Someone answered.

Gu Ting smiled deeply: "No, it's loyalty."

Although he was born in a wealthy family, he had few relatives and was surrounded by crises since he was a child. If he hadn't had the past life The memory of him has already died countless times.

In this materialistic world, as long as there are enough chips, betrayal will happen in an instant.

Loyalty has become the rarest and stupidest quality.

But by chance, he once again found someone with such cherished qualities.

He was afraid of Omega and hated the out-of-control instinct of being an Alpha, but that person happened to be a Beta without pheromones.

It made him feel very at ease.

In this way, how could he not hold on to that person firmly and let that person stay by his side forever, with only him in his eyes?

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