Batman: The Hero and The Villain (Book 1) (COMPLETED)

Batman: The Hero and The Villain (Book 1) (COMPLETED)

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Category: Fanfiction
STARTED : February 23rd 2017
COMPLETED : August 31st 2017

Chrissy James lives a secret life as a villains protector, Blue Jay.

As Blue Jay, she runs around Gotham city trying to protect the bad guys in the city as her job from her secret employers. But Batman is constantly in the way making her job ten times more difficult.

As Chrissy James, she meets the one and only Bruce Wayne at one of his party's. Chrissy takes interest in Bruce and so does Bruce with Chrissy. Will the two lovers find out who they truly are? Or will it stay hidden in the shadows forever?

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Lucy has worked at Bruce's company for almost three years now but he has yet to knowledge her. But then again she was easy to over look she wasn't beautiful and she wasn't ugly.....she was......."average". Lucy knew there was no way he would ever notice her, but was she wrong? What happens one cold winter's night when he has to save her from the one and only Joker??!!! And their eyes just so happen to meet?........ please continue to read if you're interested if not...... i guess that's ok......... I really like Batman so i decided to use him in my story also there is romance between Batman (Bruce Wayne) and my OC. This is my first story so I would love any feedback you may have and yes even the disrespectful and hurtful kind (don't worry i can take it) Thanks for at least reading the description!!!!!!!!
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BOOK THREE IN THE BATMAN:THE HERO AND THE VILLAIN SERIESSTARTED - June 17th 2018FINISHED - April 22nd 2020The city of Gotham is being protected by two powerful hero's. Batman, the mysterious man dressed up like a dark knight. Blue Jay, a fearless women filled with fire for protection of Gotham. Both guard the city of Gotham with their life, keeping villains away such as the Joker away.Two years after Chrissy's past lover, Luke, and Vicky, his companion, both working for the Joker died, Bruce and Chrissy's are doing their best with their days. Chrissy, working hard as a publisher for the city paper, and Bruce running his parents business with pride, both spend most of their days working hard and being happy with each other. After two years of small crime and no appearances from Batman and Blue Jay, a threat on the city makes the two lovers come out of hiding for the first time, a threat big enough to shake the two. Old villains and new ones, join forces to take down the hero's of Gotham, and their true identities, once and for all. The villains will once again rule Gotham City.Thanks to @IcyDarcyStormyTrix for being my #1 Fan.

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