Batman Beyond: The New Dynamic Duo

Batman Beyond: The New Dynamic Duo

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The only thing Eliana Mary Grayson wanted more than ever was to become the next Nightwing. With her father as her mentor, Eliana was sure that she'd become a hero in no time.....until tragedy struck. On September 23rd, 2032, Eliana's parents were murdered when a gang of thieves tried to rob their home. It is then that 10-year-old Eliana meets Bruce Wayne, her father's caretaker when he was growing up. After a lot of persuading, Bruce begins to train Eliana but only in agreement that she must be 16 to don the mask.

By 2039, Eliana has been Nightwing for a full year. But what happens when another teenager steals one of Bruce's suits and later becomes the new Batman? What happens when Eliana begins to fall in love with the Caped Crusader?

Terry Mcginnis x oc

All Batman Beyond seasons + Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

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