Batman Beyond: Sons Of Batman

Batman Beyond: Sons Of Batman

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Read Sons of Batman, a story where Terry McGinnis aka Batman Beyond meets the other Sons of Batman and finds out secrets that he couldn't expect. Be ready for twists and turns as the story goes on and shows you who the true Sons of Batman are.

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In this version all 8 kids will be Bruce's actual biological children.Dick, Jason, and Barbara are triplets also Cassie, and Steph are twins.Dick, Jason, Barbara, and Damian will all be children of Talia Al GhulCassie, Steph, Tim, and Terry will all be children of Selina KyleNow not only are they Bruce's kids but they all were born with powers. When the triplets were born Bruce suspected that Talia did it to breed new generation assassins. So he took them to keep them out of that world. But when the twins were born with powers also and the others followed he knew he couldn't blame Talia. He soon remembered the man he met when he was a child but it still didn't all fit. He has custody of all of his children and they all are heroes (sort of) in Gotham but he doesn't want to share this information with the leaguers until he absolutely has to.So the kids will have different alter ego names. This story follows the kids lives having powers and being Bruce's kids. The league will find out about the kids. Now the sort of hero part with be further explained as will the kids powers and who the man was that met Bruce as a kid.There will be inappropriate language and sexual comments and most likely one of the characters with be gay or at least bisexual (most like Dick because birdflash forever). Oh and the ages differ a bit in this story

"During your stay here, these are the rules you'll be following." He took a piece of paper from his desk drawer and handed it to me. House Rules1. No backtalk or disrespect towards your brothers and elders.2. No swearing.3. No smoke, drinking, vaping, or drugs of any kind. 4. No lying.5. No boys, dating, or sex.6. No going to the 4th floor.7. No going in the basement.8. No leaving the grounds without an escort. 9. All clothing must be approved before leaving the house. 10. Be in bed asleep by 10:00 pm on weekdays, 12:00 on weekends. I nodded my head as I read the list. I reached his desk and grabbed a pen. "What are you doing?" Dario asked."Oh, yeah." I chuckled "These are going to need some revision." I began, crossing and marking the paper. Imogen Almeria (all-mer-ee-uh) just lost her mom in the most traumatic way possible, but she'll ugly cry in the dark about that later. She's just discovered she has brothers, some shady ones at that. But don't worry guys, she'll figure it out like eventually.
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