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Batman Beyond: Catwoman Unleashed

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This is a story idea for a upcoming film which soon will be. So it would be develop by the Warner Bros Animation production, which they have plan to make a new Batman Beyond movie for a rumor. Well, this will be the sequel of Batman Beyond, that is far more better then "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker", it will be called "Batman Beyond: Catwoman Unleashed".

It's about a new Catwoman, who appears in Gotham 2040, as she strike the hearts of the Innocence girls with her Cat Fangs to bite them, turn them into wild Women-Cats. Just like a Vampire could use his or her fangs to turn people into other vampire. But it can also be smooth love story between of Terry McGinnis (Batman) and Dana Tan, which through all the years, Dana still knows that Terry is Batman. Until they will be another love connection for Terry, and would make Dana very jealous. Then went Dana is all alone, she'll meet face to face with the New Catwoman of the Future, in her wild new look. And Catwoman will get Dana Tan for her next Victim.

So will Batman save Dana Tan from the new Anti-Hero who is a cat lady?

I hope it will, if the same creators can reunite the cast from the Batman Beyond Show, and pick a better animated studio from Korean. Like from Koko/Dong Yang Studio And Dr Movie Studio. So it can have lots of Action, Mystery, Drama, Terror, Adventure, and of course Romance.

So please read and make votes on my novel and even make a comments on my chapters and see if your like the whole story of Terry and Dana's relationship and a Catwoman of the Future. From Beginning to the End. With music lyrics by The Gipsy Kings band.

The transcript/screenplay Is Rated PG-13 for Sexual Content and Animated Violence

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