Baseball and the Azure Blue Sky

Baseball and the Azure Blue Sky

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Aoki Sora would never have thought that having a love for cosplay and her unisex name would come in handy for her baseball career, but after meeting Sawamura Eijun and the female scout of Seidou High School, Takashima Rei, her whole life changes drastically. Especially two very annoying baseball idiots do their part to run her ragged, not to mention they are sexy and they know it!
Entering the Seidou baseball team disguised as a boy, Sora has to sort out her feelings, keep her teenage hormones in check and the biggest problem, she has to overcome her past clouded by betrayal, abandonment and bullying.
Will she be able to leave behind her trust issues and become a full member of the team and will her new teammates be able to help and accept her?
And what about Miyuki and Kuramochi who seem to be a little bit too interested in another "guy"?
Can Sora keep her secret identity until she graduates and how will her friendships and relationships with the other boys turn out at the very end?

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