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"I can't act like I'm not in love with you!" he says at last. Every single drop of confidence fades away from my body.

"What did you say?" I ask, the words sounding like a whisper. He looks down on me with a warm look in his eyes.

He puts a hand on my cheek and whispers, "I'm in love with you, Sierra."


Kaydon Murphy and Sierra Laurken were ultimate best friends and each other's crushes when they were seven. Until Kaydon and his best friends move away for ten years, far away from their original home in Tampa.

The two ended on bad terms and now, he's back. The guys are back. Taller, arrogant, star football player meets stubborn, fierce, star libero once again.

Can the two get their friendship back? It's only a matter of time. Let the volleyball
season begin.




High school seniors, Sierra Laurken, Cameron Davis, and Parker Sanchez play volleyball on their school's team in Tampa, Florida within their home town. The girls were like a family together.

The three girls' last high school year comes with their last season together. Three months to play and scream with their hearts.

High school seniors, Kaydon Murphy, Blake Davis, and Ty Shruder play football on their school's team in Tampa, Florida. The three guys moved away from their home neighborhood to live somewhere else far away from the small neighborhoods and ended up living with Blake's dad.

The guys and girls split being on bad terms. It was no visiting, no texts, no calls, nothing. It was a rule to not even mention their names anymore.

Until the girls' first game of the season is at the boys' high school. It was all going great but a little surprise afterwards was a shocker for them all and the boys moving back giving everyone a wave of emotions.

Will the group ever become close like how they used to be? Will relationships begin? It all comes down to this year.

Let the games begin.



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DNV GL Approved Elbow

Arvind Pipes Fittings Industries, Came into existence in the year 1982 well known as Arvind Metal Syndicate. The genesis of ARVIND's birth & growth is "ACCEPTING CHALLENGES."We will serve you for all your piping requirements under one roof such as high quality pipe Fittings, Butt-weld and Socket- weld Fittings, Flanges & End-Connection in Alloy steel, Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel alloys.Our quality management system confirm to ISO 9001-2008. and PED certificated by TUV Rheinland.Due to modern manufacturing process, equipments and inspection tools practised by us in producing the products and putting them through strict Quality Control Procedure, Our products meet the requirements of International and National standards.Our product undergo various strict inspection & testing stages at the corporate in-house facilities, such as Chemical, Mechanical, Hydrostatic, Corrosion test, PMI Test, Non-Destructive test etc. before they are despatched to the customers. This assures high value quality of products.As a testimony to our relentless efforts in satisfying the client's need, we have been retained by various clients across industries like Refineries & Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Cement, Engineering, Construction, Sugar, Nuclear & Thermal, Paper & Pulp etc. We have founded wide acceptance with reputed Engineering consultants under third party Inspection agencies Like Lloyd, BVQ, SGS, H&G, PDIL, CEIL, DNV, TUV etc.We are supported by some of the most qualified and technically sound professionals, who are well aware about different techniques required to manufacture products. Our team members hold vast industry experience, which help them in sourcing quality raw material from reputed vendors.For more information Call us on : 022-66381372Mail us on : expor[email protected] us on :

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