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It's just an AU where when Wei Wuxian fall off from the cliff and thinking he was dead but suddenly he woke up to the past. Now he's trying to keep people that he loved alive. Will he be doing this alone while still having traumas from the past? Did someone help him? Keep reading to find out...

-Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian
-Jin Zixuan x Jiang Yanli
-Lan Xichen x Jiang Wanyin

Remember all the characters is not mine! This is my first time writing a fanfic for Mdzs/The Untamed.. So if any please bear with me if there's a mistake!

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#2nd on What's Hot List (16/5/17). Now this was a big shock. Thank you my beautiful readers....!!!Hoorain Ahmed whose parents are dead. Working as a Head Manager and the right hand of her boss. She was enjoying her life but suddenly she was interrupted by"Miss Ahmed, I would like you to call me as Sir""Yes Sir'Aariz Aatish her temporary boss. Who was more cold than an ice. He's a very reserved man with few words. Yes, he's very handsome and there are lots of girls drooling over him for his charm. Yet, he never misses a chance to humiliate her. Why?? No one knows..When everything was going smooth what happens when suddenly a shadow of her past appears in front of her turning everything upside down. Her life has become a riddle and to solve that riddle there are lots of mysteries that has to be unrevealed first. And on top of that there is Aariz Aatish...Cover credit goes to@delicate_psyche

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