Back to Me (Book Three ✓)

Back to Me (Book Three ✓)

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Category: Romance
"So what now?"

"I don't know, Em."




After the second chance of a lifetime, Emma Carter and Beau Lewis decide to call it quits. No matter how passionately their love burns, there's always something standing in their way. As Beau battles with demons from his past and Emma questions her entire future, the one thing they both need right now is space.

Seemingly back where they started, Emma and Beau are thrown together in yet another impossible situation. Now more than ever, the first rule of their relationship stands: since the feelings are undeniable, they mustn't act on them again, for both of their sakes. There's just too much to lose.

Facing their biggest test yet, can Emma and Beau resist each other for good, or is it true that in the end, love truly conquers all?

Find out in the final installment of the Closer to You Trilogy

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