Avril Lavigne Facts

Avril Lavigne Facts

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In a sick way, I prefer nightmares. I hate good dreams because I know when I wake up, she won't be there. Book 3 in the In Love SeriesORDER OF BOOKSSpitfire in LoveReckless in LoveWicked in Love

━━━━━ 相信 ( yandere!priest x male!reader ) ˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ「 Isekai is no job for the weak, especially not when you have been transmigrated into a horror game where religion is number one, placed above all. When Y/n finds out he has reincarnated as a B-Class side character, one who is destined to die as a human sacrifice to the god they worship, he is determined to prove his faith, to join the Church...so he won't be slaughtered. But first, he must work himself into the priest's good graces. But how ironic, isn't it? That the Priest worships a god, but acts like the devil. 」HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 in malereader#1 in male#6 in bl#7 in malexmale#14 in original
Lust in thoughts

Compilation of my erotic storiesPlsease be ware of mature content scenes 🔞Plagiarism is a crime
How To Write A Good Book

This book holds the deep secrets and mysteries of how to write the best book possible. With all this advice, ideas and tips you can create yourself the most amazing book and probably give yourself 1K views in a couple of weeks.It worked for me, it'll probably work for you.Good luck!

එකවරම එයා නැඹුරු වෙලා මගේ දකුණු අත සිපගත්තා. මං කොතරම් තිගැස්සුනාද කියනවා නම් මං අත ඇදලා ගත්තු පාර එයාගේ යුනිෆෝම් එකේ දිග කාබන් පාරක් ඇඳුනා."සොරි" මං යුනිෆෝම් එක දිහා බලාගෙන මිමිණුවා. තාමත් මගේ අත් දෙකම වෙව්ලනවා. එයා හිනාවෙලා මං දිහා බැලුවා."හැපි වැලන්ටයින්ස් ඩේ" එයා තොල් අතරින් හිමින් මුමුනද්දි මං නිරුත්තරව එයා දිහා බලාගෙන හිටියා
Real Horror Stories

Real horror stories. Warning: some of them might be still not investigated
අසම්මත (sinhala bl)

ආදරේ කරන්නම්..අසම්මත උනත් මේක අපේ ආදරේ රත්තරන්
My Creepypasta experiences! (how am I not dead)

yeah so if anyone is still interested in creepypastas by 2024 then congrats..you found these true encounters or experiences I will try my best to write a chapter a day. (also I made the story cover)

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Potwory zawsze towarzyszyły mi w życiu.Teraz towarzyszy mi ON!Zapraszam gorąco do czytania :*

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Wait // Tenry Fanfic (GA)

Teddy clings onto every last bit of hope as she tries to resume her life while waiting for Henry, her husband, to wake up from a coma. She's willing to do whatever it takes to bring him back and will sacrifice anything. But are her efforts enough? Will they be worth it?

2.7K 6 56 Full

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Her Don

The third book in the Damsel series coming Summer 2017Get your guns loaded

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Lilo Kahale(A Dream SMP OC)

This is just a simple form thingy for one of my OCs, so you guys can look through it if you'd like. I'm just making these just so I can use them in my stories and feel more organized while I do it. Enjoy the OC!

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Soul to Dust

Life was never fair to me, Fate was never fair to me, Even destiny was never fair to me. Killing myself should be the only option left to me...But why the heck am I a skeleton? Why is the human killing everyone who I became friends with and love?..LOVE also known as level of violence... Is this the way to earn love?---Summary:An Unloved human who was neglect, abused, and used by others died and becomes a sans.he befriend everyone in the underground and was fiercely protective over his brother.but seeing everyone die all over again like a film/game playing and replaying...unable to save everyone..decided to give them LOVE so he can give the human the same type of LOVE...---Inspired by Firehedgehog: Dusty Trail

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My Rwby Ships

Random ass story that i just made just because i was bored and so here we are pls read if you have the time to.

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Tomboo Oneshots

Hallloooo Author here. I hope you enjoy these one shots. I'll try to post often but motivation is a b sometimes so, yeah. Follow for more TomBooGoals Hit(somehow-)1k- August 1st2k- August 4th3k- August 8th4k- August 10th5k- August 11th-12th(not sure)6k- August 13th7k- August 14th8k- August 16th9k- August 18-19th(not sure)10k- August 20th11k-14k- Have no screenshot for date15k- August 29th16k- September 1st-2nd17k- September 4th18k- September 6th19k- September 10th20k- September 14th21k- September 18th22k- September 20th23k- September 22nd24k- September 24th25k- September 30th26k- October 1st27k- October 4th28k- October 7th29k- October 8th30k- October 15th31k- October 17th32k- idk-33k- idk-34k- idk-35k- November 7th36k- November 14th(?)37k- November 23rd38k- November 25th39k- November 27th40k- December 3rd41k- December 5th42k- December 7th43k- Not sure44k- Not sure45k- Not sure46k- January 2nd47k- January 5th 48k- January 13th49k- January 15th50k- January 21st51k- January 31st52k- February 1st53k- February 7th54k- February 12th55k- February 17th56k- March 1st57k- March 3rd58k- March 5th59k- March ???60k- March 18th61k- March 25th62k- March 27th63k- April 9th64k-April 13th65k- April 15th66k- April 17th67k-??68k-??69k-??70k-??71k-??72k- June 1273k-78k- unknown- 😶78-85k- unknown 😅85-91k- unknown62-66k- unknown- 🙂67k-99k- unknown100k- January 30th<3Rankings<310th in Tomboo(There are definitely a lot I missed lol, but oh well.)64th in myct

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~My waiting room scripting | WR~

Don't mind me writing down my ideas~

14.7K 6 85 Full

Die Geschichte handelt von Yilias, dem Sohn des Hauses Halmen, der mit seinen Gefährten aufbricht um das Rätsel um den Schwund ihrer Erinnerungen, das Verschwinden ihres Vaters und den mysteriösen Angriff auf ihre Heimat zu untersuchen.(Basierend auf einem Pen and Paper, das ich gemeinsam mit einigen Freunde spielen)

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