Autumn Leaves and Teenage Dreams

Autumn Leaves and Teenage Dreams

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Category: Teen Fiction
[LGBTQ+ Teen Fiction] (Editor's Choice July 2022) High school junior, Callie Washington, is currently in a dilemma. Attending an all-girls, Catholic high school means most of her peers are focused on college, SATs, and the nearby boys at their brother school, Holy Spirit. But since the start of the school year, Callie can't forget the silky hair and gleaming brown eyes of her former Chemistry partner, Isabella Sandoval. After escaping from her Homecoming date one October evening, Callie runs into Aurora Gray, a smart, charismatic senior, who seems to be having as rough of an evening as Callie. After realizing they are in the same Calculus class, Aurora begins to shift Callie's life in ways she cannot comprehend. Deep down, Callie knows she must confront the thing inside her that is troubling her deeply, but what hurdles will she have to face to get there?

(Published: 2020)

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