At One With Water

At One With Water

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Attack on Titan:

Merman Levi + Human Reader AU:

When visiting an aquarium to get away from your abusive farther you drop your ring, a ring that was given to you by your late mother, which rolls into an exhibit closed off to the public, as the creature inside is deemed overly aggressive. When your school bullies start to attack you, you trip and fall into the tank hitting your head hard and falling unconscious, only to be saved by the mystic creature, who is the last of his kind. One of the aquarium employees notices his liking to you and gets you to work there, this allows the two of you to get closer. Will your bond survive the challenges you have to face or will you be ripped apart?

Warning: bad language, mentions of blood, violence.

-I do not own the Attack On Titan characters

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The Demon Guardian Angels

Izuku Buckzo fromerly know as Izuku Yagi did not have the best childhood growing up. Ever since he was diagnosed as quirkless his parents neglected him and his twin sister Izumi and their friends The Bakugo and Todoroki twins bullied him but luckily he has his other friends (the rest of Class 1-A), his grandparents, aunts and uncles by his side. One day Izumi, The Bakugo twins and the Todoroki twin chased Izuku after beating him up into the woods and the left him there when they lost track of him thinking that he "learned his lesson" but sadly he did not come back and nobody could find him. His parents finally realized what they did and his sister and the twins felt very sad but did not say what happened (although the rest of Izuku's friends had their suspicions that they did something to him.) A couple years later during the attack on the USJ Tsu is rescued by an anti-hero group called The Demon Guardina Angels and one of them is revealed to be Izuku and not only that he now has a quirk and a small harem!!!!!!! While he happily reunites with those that cared for him and gives his abusers the cold shoulder. What's gonna happen when his abusers try to come back to his life? When it's revealed that Izuku's harem is willing to share him will the 1-A girls be able to confess to him? And how did Izuku get a quirk?

Everyone knows Zenith, but nobody knows how the band managed to rock Zerkovkia's youth into starting a revolution... until now.Tolya Viktov is coming of age in the 1980s to the tune of spinning records, cheap liquor, and Zerkovkia's nine year war with neighboring Blivdova. The perms and denim jackets are hip, but it's the underground music he's most excited about. By the time he enters university, his lyrics and his talent have helped him break through on the student musician scene.Tolya, a duo of genius guitarists, and a bandless drummer soon come together when a producer realizes the key to achieving radical change in Zerkovkia is getting them to make music. What happens next is the stuff of legend and a whole lot of love, revolution, and rock and roll.Honors/Awards:ONC 2023 Honorable MentionONC 2023 Ambassadors' Pick (Round One)"VIKTOV LIVES!" is featured on@music's "mighty drumset" reading list@storiesundiscovered's "feast on fiction" reading list@flexiblebookexchange's "read these gems!" reading list@opennovellacontest's "2023 honorable mentions" list and "2023 ambassadors' picks" Copyright © 2023 Elle ChaikaOpen Novella Contest VI (2023) | Prompt No. 44

These characters are not mine! They belong to kaaatie on YouTube Fundamental paper education fandom!!Started: 4-11-2024
𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋! jude bellingham¹

𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐆𝐈𝐑𝐋 ──── ❝i just wanna see you shine, 'cause i know you are a stargirl!❞𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 jude bellingham finally manages to shoot his shot with his all time celebritycrush since he was a kid.❝ the golden boy to her stargirl ❞ 【 social media x real life 】【 jude bellingham fanfic 】BOOK 1 IN MY STARGIRL SERIES !!
She's a dudette|| Wattys2016 ✔️

"You got expelled from school." "Yes." "You punched a girl in the face." "Uh huh." "Now your sitting in front of me." "Okay." "You are now going to he-" "Did you just suddenly become a gypsy out of those few minutes you were talking to the phone?" I questioned Meet Phoenix Quinn. The rebel, the tomboy and a girl with a boy- I mean, unisex name. When she gets expelled from her school after an incident she is... well.... let's not be harsh here but she is rejected from both girls and mixed private schools. But there is another school which can for the right reasons reject her but for the wrong reasons accept her..... Drum roll please! An all boys school can accept her yay! Everybody loves a happy ending, just not Phoenix who is hating her life situation. Follow Phoenix to the place where all rebellious and good students go like her just not where girls go. Oh, boy, in a journey which may tip us off after a while. Tragic. J.ust like the titanic. ____ Warning: Has swearing in it. Highest ranking: #27 in humor 12/07/17 P.S- I tried for my summary, if its crappy please don't complain. I tried. I suck at summaries.
Jahnnie/Webbert One shots

These are Jake and Johnnie one shots, I know most ppl hate them now and dislike the fact these are made but womp womp it's literally just for fun and I'm bored. Anyway, enjoy
HANAHAKI. [Percival x Nasiens]

"Hanahaki" es una enfermedad que afecta tanto a los humanos como a los seres de otras razas ya sean demonios e incluso Diosas. Está enfermedad se creía que ya no existía...hasta que cierta princesa de las hadas logró obtenerla al ver qué su amor hacia Percival; el caballero de la muerte, no era correspondido.¿Que sucederá ahora con ella?.Imagen de la portada hecha por;@paya_likeflwr.Plataforma: Creo que Pinterest.
Wait..what!? (sanegiyuu)

so.. this was gonna be the og tea but I changed it and so basically it's very early like when Giyuu's still 19 but met tanjiro already, and Sanemi is 20(his older in my au:3333) and Giyuu basically accidentally slept with Sanemi and yk mpreg and you'll understand it at the prologueOh and Giyuu and Kokushibo are friends like best friends in this auGiyuu's gonna be a single parent for awhile(did not tell Sanemi he was gon be a Father that's why)

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Autism as portrayed by the media

My dissertation was rated a 1:1 an it's especially helpful to read if you identify as female and have a hard time trying to get loved ones and friends to believe you have autism. That's actually a fundamental basis of my research. I knew from 12 but didn't get diagnosed until 17 because of those unfortunate social biases.I'm sharing this because I needed this when I was growing up and by "this" I mean something that is not too hard to digest, but accurate and educational, because sometimes understanding is all you need to stay afloat. My original story's title "I won't force you to love me" is kind of confrontational, so it should be interpreted as "I will not be a different person from the one I am, just to gain your approval". There are many more insights that might be added to the end, which couldn't fit in the 10-12k word limit. I'm just so excited to finally share it all, since I'm finally passed the assessment phase.

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❝You are a girl.❞ He said after an agonizingly long silence while I stood helplessly in front of him, shaking. This situation was too overwhelming for me. ❝Uh... Does that bother you?❞ I stuttered and looked at him with genuine curiosity. ❝Yes. Maybe a little too much.❞Olivia Thompson is living her extremely dull and boring life when she comes across an opportunity that changes everything. Her school's Inconsiderate coaches cut off the girls' soccer team. The only option left for her to pursue her dreams and to prove to everyone that girls can play as efficiently as boys is by secretly taking her identical twin brother's scholarship. Going undercover as her identical twin brother in an all-boys school has turned her life upside down. A simple decision changes her life into a tremendous mess of unsolved mysteries revolving around her irresistible but infuriating roommate.#160 in teen fiction

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Just some cute/dirty imagines about our Nialler! 🇮🇪

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Red Lining (An Arknights Fanfiction)

Ashley is an operator in Rhodes Island. Ashley is an energetic, cheerful, and positive girl. You may think her life is happy-go-lucky, but it's not. The opposite of it. With her, aren't aware of her past self, and with some Infected glares at her. It sometimes...break her cheerful attitudes.Her past is a mystery, with herself not aware of it and nobody around her knows...well, some maybe know...but refuses to tell her. For her sake.(Forgive me if there's any grammar errors! Since English is not my first language!)(Arknights isn't mine, I only own my OC.)(Oh right! Slow update! I'm sorry!)

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I thought I should make a Anime Opening about Anime you might've already watched, or Openings | Fights that were awesome to you.! Most of them are watch I watched already and I didn't really watch many animes XDHope you enjoy<3 #animeforlife

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H I A T U S-what the title says-✓️requests (pls do) ✗️smuts-cover by me-my writing style is still slowing changing so the first few parts are veryy cringey! highest ranking:2nd | wdwpreferences : october 28, 2019

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Percy Jackson & The Mortal Instruments Crossover My first fanfiction, so don't be afraid to be honest. Percy's life is turned in a new direction and it leads him to a life that isn't so different from his own. Points of View will rotate Disclaimer: The following characters, themes, and so forth are the works of Rick Riordan and Cassandra Clare.

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SAP Training in Marathahalli

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