Aspiring Nobody

Aspiring Nobody

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Category: Romance
When University student Erin Edberg finds herself desperate and starving, the sweet introvert takes on two jobs: one working at a strip club, and the other working for a serial womanizer. She has no idea how dangerously entwined the two will become until an intense attraction to her badass boss puts her on a troubled path of lies, jealousy, and heartache.

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List of Best Banquet Halls in Chembur, Mumbai ideal for all occasions. Find Marriage Halls in Chembur, Mumbai with capacity ranging from 50 to 2000 people at Get Banquets in Chembur, Mumbai for weddings with Prices, Reviews, Photos, Availability, Discounts, Contacts, Addresses, etc.

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Alex is struggling to keep going while he balences school, exams, his new job he got from Luna, and his own brain. Henry can see something is wrong and wants to help. These are more like short fluffy one shots that connect to each other, there's no obvious connecting plot line.

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4 invited 3 to a sleepoverEdit:shit-i fr did not notice I spelt 'sleepover' wrong💀

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Serin Choi was an epitome of beauty and elegance, she might have the face that can launch a thousand ships but she was just an empty shell - an antisocial and borderline psychopath who was dealing with a painful past. She has a brilliant talent for expressing herself and her story through writing songs being named as one of the youngest and most successful songwriters, composers, and music producers in New York. Music was her safest place and making a perfect song is all that she wanted to do.However going back to Seoul was the last thing on her list, it has been cruel to her for the past few years. All of her memories about that godforsaken place became nightmares that were haunting her every night but as soon as she's there and met Ji Yeon Park. Serin knows better, she might have found one more reason to hold on a bit longer and live.

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