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Category: Teen Fiction
"Her troubled eyes held fire. The kind of fire that was capable of burning me to ash."


I grabbed her chin with my free hand, making her look at me. "I hate that I don't know you. I hate not being a part of your life, like I was before."

I leaned a little closer, as her intoxicating scent filled my lungs. "Trust me, I can't hate you, no matter how hard I tried."

"So you have... " It came out as more of a question than a statement from her as she looked at me with her big blue eyes.

"What?" I frowned, dropping my hand from her chin and grabbing her hand, instead.

"You have tried hating me then?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

This time it sounded more like a statement than a question.

"I have." I sighed, dropping my head in shame. "And it made me lose the most important person in my life."


One night.

What harm can one night do?

It can change lives. Turn best friends into enemies. Turn someone's life upside down.

Emily Waters and Ryder Green, were inseparable, joint to the hip, always had each others back and loved each other behind the best friend facade.

But one night changed it all.

He thinks he has changed for worse but what he doesn't know is that Emily has changed for the worst.

Three years later, what if the girl is back, with baggage that she doesn't think anyone could handle? What will happen when they meet? Will the sparks ignite again?

Read to find out.

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#5 - romance (16/08/2022)
#1 - funny (24/11/2022)
#1 - streetfighter (03/09/2021)
#3 - humour (24/11/2022)
#5 - teenfiction (24/11/2022)
#1 - comeback (15/04/2022)
#4 - gangs (04/12/2021)
#8 - badass (02/07/2021)
#2 - bestfriends (16/08/2022)
#9 - friendstolovers (06/07/2021)
#2 - rebellion (03/09/2021)
#4 - bully (21/08/2021)
#2 - past (25/10/2021)
#2 - Enemiestolivers (01/10/2021)

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