Ascension│Bluelock x male reader

Ascension│Bluelock x male reader

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Y/N L/N is an enigma.

Winner of the Ascension Project, a secret project designed by the JFU to forge the best forwards in the world. Someone who is always smiling, always trying to make friends. An outgoing, kind, and cheerful teenage boy.

And someone who will not stop at anything to become the best striker in the world. A monster who will screw over everyone around him if it means he can get a step closer to his final goal. An insane egoist.

When Y/N is invited to the Bluelock Project, his first thought is that it would be a waste of time. He hides his true abilities, doing his best to stay low and stay out of sight. But as he makes his way through Bluelock's tests, trials, and challenges, he's confronted with new challenges, old relationships, and complex emotions that he's never felt before.

Is he really fit to be the greatest striker in the world?

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