As The Months Go By... (Teen Pregnancy)

As The Months Go By... (Teen Pregnancy)

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A 16 year old girl named Stella has a perfect life going on for her. She has good friends, is in Drama club at her high school, and most importantly has a loving boyfriend named Ryder. However, when she goes to a party one night at her boyfriend's house and they do the deed she soon finds out she's pregnant with his baby. Once she finds out, things start to go down hill fast for her, and she starts to realize what situation she got herself into. How will she cope with this life altering situation? Will she be ok? Will Ryder stay with her during this hard journey or will they split apart and both find love somewhere else? Read this story to find out.

This is my first ever story on here please comment and vote so then more people can see my story. <3

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