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Artificial Heart

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Category: Science Fiction
Prisha has always thought herself the adventurous type. During an overnight hiking trip with her sister, her daring is tested when she encounters an alien spacecraft. What else can she do but board?

There, she meets a being both apathetic and kind; organic and artificial. Alf, she affectionately names him. Despite his experiments and 'data collection', she comes to view him as her friend-and more.

Mostly machine he might be, but his feelings for her compel him to assist humanity. However, powerful beings are watching and Alf is forced to abandon his task-and Prisha.

Fearful of her own people, Prisha goes on the run, assisted by her sister and a fanatical police officer.

She is soon caught, and during her confinement discovers something unexpected. Something impossible. Something that makes her question Alf's intentions ...

... and his heart.

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