Arranged Marriage to HIM

Arranged Marriage to HIM

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Category: Romance

Rich family. People would think she had it all, but did she actually?

Meet Tanvi Khurrana
She's beautiful, she's caring and loving. She's only ever loved one guy but that didn't end quite well.

People think she's snobbish. Her relatives say that she's nothing like her mother. What does it actually mean? Is she good or bad?
Meet Arjun Malhotra
A millionaire. A successful life. A beautiful and supportive family. The only thing he needs is a life partner.

Girls fall at his feet maybe because of his looks, maybe because of his money or maybe both. But it seems his eyes are only for her.
Join the journey of Arjun and Tanvi.

Join them as their two different yet same world's clash together.

Do you think, they'll fall for each other?

Join their journey full of secrets, suspense and of course LOVE.


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