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Category: Fantasy
"Oh my, you don't look very well. L-let me help you!"

Transported to a modern world like his old one, Cale bumps into someone while looking for his comrades. His eyes widen upon looking at the person willing to help him.

'No way. . .'

☆Spoilers on Trash of the Count's Family Part 2☆
Slow updates and many errors ahead. Hope you all enjoy.
(Art Cover does not belongs to me).

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Smut. But not all of it. This book is basically just me, a girl, writing out her fantasies with the men in Call of Duty.I do take requests.
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Autumn Milford is ready to marry her fiance, millionaire Corbin Westbrook. But when the love of your life also happens to be a 250-year-old vampire, nothing about the wedding or honeymoon is normal ...------------Wedding? Check.Honeymoon in Rome? Check.Being surprised by master vampires on your honeymoon? Uh ... [A short-story sequel to the ONC 2022 novella, "The Vampire's Pastry Chef".][PG-13 for mild swearing, sensuality, and fade-to-black intimacy.]Cover by @chessaandersen

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Everyone has always viewed y/n differently than her peers, for always falling in love with random celebrities, specifically the One Direction members, but that's not all she is. At the end of the day, she's just a girl. Who's not like other girls.Follow y/n's path in an [failed] attempt to change her y/n etiquette, and hop on a not-so-emotional rollercoaster about normal guys that are not Harry Styles and "other girls".⚠️Warnings⚠️-Minor swearing-Mentions of lgbt relationships

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Someday - COMPLETE

"You remember our deal right? I can't share you to other... it will be a death of me. Please release me my king. I can no longer be your empress." Who am I kidding. Deep down inside when I first enter into the palace I know that this will happen. He promise that I will be the only one in his heart... that there will be no other. But here I am, in front of my husband, asking him to release me. I know he had no other choice . This is one of his responsibility. He look at me, it shows that he was hurt from what he heard. He hold both of my shoulders and the once hurt it shown in his eyes turns into hatred."No! You are not going to leave me. I will never allow it! Don't ever think that you can leave me. "

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Seven Princesses.Seven Rare Powers. Seven Demons. Seven Angels.

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what happens when Kora Jor-el, the older sister of Kal-el, who had been hiding her powers, stronger than Superman and Supergirl combined, shows herself to the D.E.O? but the biggest question being: Why did she end up at the entrance of Midtown High School (Spider mans school) instead of the D.E.O?BTW: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MARVEL OR CW CHARACTERS AND THIS IS JUST A FICTIONAL BOOKoh and this is also my first book so please don't mind the bad writing :/

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