Ansley (A stalking Love)

Ansley (A stalking Love)

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Category: Horror
Admiration could be good but when it involves obsession then things get ugly.


Ansley Cowden was a happy girl with looks to die for. And reason for him to notice her.

It started with messages by anonymous number, then phone calls, and then gifts. But being a carefree girl, she never paid attention to the things which seemed petty at the beginning turned colossal at end, and her life upside down.


"For days, I couldn't feel anything but this constant craving, a craving that burns through me, a craving that sets me on fire, a craving that makes me ache for just one thing. And it's you, Ansley. You and only you. We'll be one soon. I'm coming. So don't you dare running away. Because you only belong to me.
Your one and only love."

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