Amor Eterno

Amor Eterno

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Category: Fantasy
The story is about the selfless and eternal love of two star-crossed lovers who were denied by fate the chance to be together across different times.

Cahaya, a 'binukot' or a confined princess, was getting ready for the turnover, a ceremony that celebrates her transition to a tribe priestess, when a foreign ship landed on their island. A daring, ambitious and handsome warrior from the North came to declare war against Cahaya's tribe with the goal of usurping power. The warrior brought along with him a mighty sword that housed a god, which assured its beholder success in all conquests and wars. Favored by the Moon Goddess, Cahaya must protect her tribe and island from the greed of this conqueror. But the unexpected happened. Cahaya and the valiant warrior fell in love with each other, which then caused the wrath of the rival gods, the Sun and the Moon. The curse was passed from generation to generation, just waiting for the right time to be broken. Cahaya's reincarnation or 'Muling Buhay' was tasked to fulfill the prophecy of killing the warrior's reincarnation, which Cahaya should have had done in the olden times. However, it will be a great challenge for the reincarnations to withstand the test of love and duty.

In modern times, Xander Montejo came back to his grandfather's hometown to claim his inheritance. Just as he thought that it was going to be a boring two weeks of his life, he found out the mystery that wrapped his grandfather's mansion, the strange weather changes, the diary he left to him, which made Xander communicate with a woman from the 18th century, and a local girl Rina, who made his stay even more memorable. All these mysteries soon he'd find out to be related with the 'Binukot' and the Great Warrior.

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