Amazing Goa With Flight - Goa 3Nights / 4Days Return Airfare Ex - Delhi

Amazing Goa With Flight - Goa 3Nights / 4Days Return Airfare Ex - Delhi

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Category: Fantasy
All Inclusions

Return flight ticket in economy class (subject to availability)
All present applicable taxes
Accommodation at hotel on twin sharing basis
Daily buffet Breakfast
Courtesy Transfers to & from Airport or Thivim Railway station on AC
Coach (Madgaon Railway Station INR 500 Extra).
One half day sightseeing of North Goa in AC coach

Hotels Category: upto Star

Category: Star
Inclusions: Breakfast


SIC Transfers
Sightseeing Transfers

Rates & Dates

Starts From:Delhi
Valid From:31-Mar-2016 Valid To:30-Sep-2016
Rs 19,199 (Price per person)


Any additional sightseeing
Expenses of personal nature such as tipping, porters, laundry etc
3.63% Govt. Service Taxes

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