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matters of the heart

*Slow updates*After agreeing to be the focus of a college article, senior Charlie Murtaugh gets more than he bargains for when he's assigned a clueless sophomore who knows nothing about the sport. ****A year after staying under the radar due to an injury that almost cost him his career, Charlie Murtaugh has only got one more chance to get the NBA's attention or his dreams of ever going pro get shattered. So he scores an article on the College Paper with hopes of gaining more publicity. Journalism student Lorraine Perabo's first piece as an intern is way out of her comfort zone. Being an antisocial journalist is difficult enough without adding interviewing hot college basketball players to the list, especially when she knows nothing about the game. But what's more daunting is who the focus of her article is- Charlie. The drop-dead gorgeous point guard everyone seems to want to know about. Although these two's relationship starts on a rocky road, they find themselves relying on each other more than expected. In between late interviews and saving each other's asses, they soon realise that lines are easy to cross and that there are no rules regarding matters of the heart. Charlie & Lorraine Book 1 of the UCLA seriescopyrighted ©2020#1 in unexpected romance out of 86 books#1in Journalism out of 1.04k books #2 in journalism out of 1.04k books#4 in collegelife out of 1.5k books#5 in unexpected romance out of 86 books#31 in football out of 1.51k books#380 in newadult out of 1.754 books*This book is only published on Wattpad; please report if seen on another website*
Scars to Remember

**It is unedited, filled with typos, spelling mistakes, plot holes, and many more**She was hiding from her past,She was fighting for her future.Her sins were deeper than her scars,Her soul was shattered like glass.She was the mystery of the woods‚Wrapped in the enigma of chaos. ----------------------------------[Cover made by me]
Kidnapped By My Mate (Beautiful Belle and Alpha Grayson)

Belle has not had the best life. Most of it she spent taking care of her sick father while her mother ran off to sleep with other men. So you can imagine her frustration when, only a few months after the death of her father, her mother forces her to come spend the holidays with her and her new family. But what happens when she meets a certain alpha on the plane who claims that she belongs to him?----"Mine. Mate," he said, his deep, husky voice ringing in my ears. His hands tightened around me as his forehead came down to meet mine and he breathed in deeply. I let my eyes close as I basked in the feeling of his arms around me and the delicious sparks that were running through my body. I didn't even know that it was possible to feel this good. I felt his head move from mine as he nuzzled his nose into my neck. I tilted my head to give him better access and he let out an approving grunt.And then I felt him place a gentle kiss right where my neck and shoulder met. My knees went weak, my entire body going numb as a breathy sound came from my mouth. He smiled against my neck, chuckling and taking all of my weight into his arms as I leaned completely into him to stop myself from falling."Hello, mate," he whispered in my ear.------This book is also known as Kidnapped By My Mate.
Apartment 239

Abe Barrett is surrounded by ghosts - some of them are even his roommates! But now Abe's visions show something dark coming, and it wants Abe dead. ***** When Abe Barrett's family died, he started seeing ghosts. Soon he was living with three of them, and it turns out ghosts are just as eccentric as people. Abe is bothered by the ghosts constantly since he doesn't want to solve their murders, avenge them or do much of anything. He just wants to do his job and relax. His dreams, however, have been getting darker as people in town start to disappear. Soon Abe realizes there is something hunting him, and that same threat was involved with his family's deaths. A legacy of darkness is chasing Abe Barrett, and his supernatural roommates may not be enough to save him.[[word count: 60,000-70,000 words]]
[BL] Tamer of Another World

After so much hardwork and saving, Cole can finally buy the hot topic gaming helmet. He can finally play the world phenominal online game called The Magic World. However, an unexplainable thing happened. After he chose his class, the beast tamer, he was suppose to arive the magical world online but what was suppose to be magical was nowhere, there is nothing but a turtle beside him and a dead snake not far from them.
Beauty and the Geek Boy

Head-cheerleader Ellie Kent has had a crush on William Johnson since the beginning of forever. He's smart, cute, and totally out of her league. The only problem is: how will he ever notice her? Geek Boy William Johnson has been crushing on popular girl Ellie Kent since she saved him from bullies when he was ten. But she's totally out of his league. Facing up against her multiple jock suitors is no easy task. Can the two crack the social divide? Or are they condemned to being locked in unrequited romances? © Yemi Everest. All Rights Reserved. #8 in Romance (18/09/18) :D (Posted: 29/05/2014 - Current)Cover by @lunaishi
💖Gumball's Bizarre Adventure💙

"Strap yourselves in for it's time for Gumball's Bizarre Adventure Chronicles!" *I do not own any of these characters, etc*
Jaune Autobot

Jaune Arc was known as the Faker of Beacon, the Weakest Student of Beacon, and the Disgrace Son of the Arcs. Betrayed, Forgotten, Abandonded, Disowned, all that for just a piece of paper. Jaune Arc had people that stood by him, half of his Sisters, his Mother, half of his Relatives, his Grandparents, the Beacon Staff, and a lot of the Student Bodies of the other 3 AcademiesBut he was ultimately killed by those he once called "friends"His body and mind left Remnant and went to a world far away from it's reaches. From there, he was Reborn. Reborn as the Leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. But fate decided to bring him back Home, back Home to Remnant. What will Jaune or now Optimus do to face the very people that betrayed him? But he knows there will be those that stood by him that will help in his cause. For Remnant will face the a brighter future with Optimus and his Autobots leading the charge.

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Halloween |T.H X READER

Y/n, Tom, Harrison, Gracie, and Harry are all friends with feelings for each other (except for harry I'm sorry:() what will happen when they want to take a break from acting and go to a lake house for a break and weird things happen? Will bad things happen on Halloween??-There might be smut (if there is I didn't write it cause I don't write smuts. But ill have someone write it for me)-This takes time in the month of October-This book is kinda based on the movie Halloween but it not really is-I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS STORY

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Alice no Kuni no Heart X Reader One-Shots

Yup! I wasted 10 minutes to make this...

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Coffee & Nerves (boyxboy)

NEW VERSION IS PUBLISHED "He squints his eyes at me with an intense glare that makes me squirm.I don't know if it's the intense pain in my shoulder or his stare, but something sends a shiver down my spine. I have now extended to my full height and look up to realize this guy is towering over me, not looking too happy. I become aware of our close proximity and take a step back, averting my eyes from his intense gaze. I clear my throat and fumble with the edge of my apron, looking down as I say, 'Sorry 'bout that.'I hear no response. I wait a moment, then I look up and he's gone."Spencer Hastings knows one thing for sure: he hates Jack Summers. Everything about him. He hates his rude manners, his intense stare, his restless movements. But he just can't lay a finger on why Jack Summers unnerves him so much. Until now.WILL CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT Updated (bi)weekly on Friday (sometimes updated 1-2 times/week on Wednesdays) BUT CURRENTLY UNDERGOING REWRITE PLEASE LOOK AT LAST CHAPTER FOR EXPLANATION, NEW VERSION IS PUBLISHED Highest Rankings: #16 (out of 1.1 million)romance #7 gay #3 gayboysgayships#2 gaylovebxblovegayfanficgayness#1 wattpridegaycharacterlgbtfictionguyxguyhappyendinggaypridegaylovestorygayfictiongayaflgbtPlease don't judge too harshly, this is a rough first draft, but I work very hard on it so please still read:-)Comment any suggestions you have or if you'd like to help support each other's stories!

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Hypnotised (Piper McLean x OC)

When your whole life has been a cycle of fighting for your life, you'd think that death would be the end, but it seems the world isn't ready to give up on Charlotte Wilson.The heroes, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, may have escaped the Battle of Manhattan, but no one ever mentioned those that never left the battlefield, the ones who died so others could survive.(30/08/2023 - xx/xx/xxxx)Best rankings:17/02/2024: 14th in PiperMclean

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Finding Your Spiritual Gifts

Every Christian is a member of the Body of Christ, which is His Church. Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit gives each person special and specific gifts that are meant to be used together with other members of the person's local Church gathering for the benefit of all and for the advancement of the Gospel. How do we know what these gifts are? This book is designed to help you discover not only your Spiritual Gifts, but also how they are intended to be used.Top rankings: #1 in christianlife- 06/24/20#1 in discipleship- 06/24/20#1 in spiritualgrowth- 10/13/20, 10/10/21

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This Lifetime. | Edward Heffron

The love of Amelia Robinson's life just asked her to run away with him. Except she had one problem: Amelia couldn't possibly leave her grandmother who single-handedly raised her. On one afternoon, her grandmother sits her down and tells her a story.It begins in 1940, in the face of the Second World War. Except, for them, in the fields of rural Philadelphia, war was at the back of their mind. The story is one of those who get left behind, a bright-haired boy, and the rolling fields where their love began.On her own, Amelia will learn the importance of each decision she makes. But together, she and her grandmother will learn all there is to know about love, commitment, and second chances.┈┈WWII & Band of Brothers FanfictionStart: July 4, 2020End: August 22, 2020┈┈Disclaimer! I mean no disrespect to the real Edward "Babe" Heffron. He is an incredible man, and the whole world thanks him for his service. This is all purely based on Robin Laing's portrayal of him in HBO War's Band of Brothers (2001).

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ALREADY OVER, jin sunho

ONESHOT "I like my bed, but it likes you too. How am I supposed to leave you now that you're already over?"It's become a routine now; Jin Sunho comes back, acts as if he's never left, and leaves once again only to repeat it over and over again. He does it every single month. And what's the problem? Jang Dani lets him back in, knowing very well that she always ends up getting hurt every single time he leaves.A Cheer Up! OneshotJin Sunho x Fem!Oc

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Benedict Cumberbatch Love Story

Hey guys, this is a love story between you and Benedict Cumberbatch I hope you like it.

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Ishimaru x Mondo Oneshots

K here you go, time to go back to my Danganronpa phase

5.7K 10 97 Full

Basil is an average 16 year old shy boy with his soft and messy Dirty-Blonde hair and his stunning diamond blue eyes. A charming personality and some very feminine hobbies like baking and gardening.Yet he's a victim of a highly dangerous disease called 'Hanahaki'.Will he survive? Or will he fall into the hands of the stars and sky, to be taken away from his own body to watch over the ones he love?Well, we'll find out soon. With this new series, We will piece together slowly what fate chooses for him...{None of the art is mine}{Storyline (beside some) is completely made by me}{Warning!!! Made with love and passion, if you're not a fan of such. Please never speak to me.}{I DO NOT OWN OMORI, OMOCAT AND HER TEAM DOES.}

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